Amy Schumer's 'SNL' Monologue Was All About The Ladies — VIDEO

Not gonna lie, expectations for Amy Schumer's hosting gig Saturday Night Live are super high, with the comedian hot off of this summer's Trainwreck and about to launch an HBO special. She should feel right at home, though. Saturday Night Live is kind of a Trainwreck reunion for Schumer. So many current and former SNL cast members made an appearance in the movie: Bill Hader is the second lead, Vanessa Bayer plays her best friend, Colin Quinn is her dad, and there are parts for Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson, and Tim Meadows. Still, her first few moments on the show are crucial. So, what did Any Schumer's SNL monologue focus on? Well, women, of course.

She started with a question that she says she gets a lot: Is it an exciting time for women in Hollywood? Then, she didn't hedge, in her typical Amy Schumer way. She said no, it's still a time when women in Hollywood have to worry about their bodies — even the girl who played the young version of her in Trainwreck worried about her body, wondering if her cheeks were too big.

The rest of Schumer's monologue was about the search for a good female role model for the young girls she knows in her life. She touched on everything from wondering who her 18-month-old niece could look up to drinking with Hillary Clinton (who made an appearance on last week's show and apparently doesn't like tequila).

It really makes a difference when the show can book an actual comedian as a host. Schumer's monologue was pretty polished, starting and ending with the question about whether or not it's a good time for women in Hollywood. She didn't have to lean on crutch-like questions from the audience or a silly song, two devices that are overused in the monologue. SNL did exactly what it should do with Schumer: Just got out of her way and let he work her magic.

Watch the full video below:

Image: Dana Edelson/NBC