Here's How Amy Schumer Will Do On 'SNL'

She's having an epic year, so it makes perfect sense that (finally!) Amy Schumer will host Saturday Night Live on October 10. Since she's one of the best comedians of our generation, it's pretty surprising that this is Schumer's first time hosting — but I'm certain that she'll kill it and leave us begging her to please become a series regular. (OK, so that'll never happen, but I can dream.) In addition to winning an Emmy for her edgy, hilarious, and decidedly feminist series Inside Amy Schumer, she also made a massive splash at the box office with Trainwreck, which she wrote and starred in. So, what can we expect from Schumer when she heads over to Studio 8H? Well, based on the best sketches from Inside Amy Schumer, I think we can be 100 percent confident that she'll be an amazing addition to every single skit.

She's not afraid to poke fun at herself or look ridiculous in the name of comedy, so Schumer will probably be game to play any role the Saturday Night Live writers throw at her — as long as it's hilarious, of course. As we've seen on Inside Amy Schumer, she has a knack for taking ridiculous but painfully real situations we've all dealt with and turning them into sketches that have us laughing uproariously. Since Saturday Night Live focuses on current events and poking fun at societal conventions, Schumer will fit right in.

Here are seven of Schumer's best sketches that prove she'll be one of the best Saturday Night Live hosts of Season 41:

1. Mom Computer Therapy

Family therapy is never easy, but throwing in parental struggles with technology just sounds like a total recipe for disaster. No one ever told us solving the technological generation gap would be simple — they just said it would be worth it. (Maybe?) And just when she thought the worst was over, Amy's therapist needs her expertise in order to deal with her office buzzer — so she understandably begins foaming at the mouth. We've all been there.

2. Pretentious Hotel

Hey, look — it's Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch! She worships Amy just as much as the rest of us — and even makes whale noises and imitates a white noise machine to prove it. Well, until it's time to check out. Anyone who has ever had the super fun experience of being charged extra for checking out of a room five minutes late will totally feel Amy's pain. This sketch really leaves me hoping that Dratch will make a surprise appearance when Schumer hosts Saturday Night Live.

3. The Nurses

My main takeaway from this sketch is that I should continue to use WebMD to self-diagnose rather than deal with the hassle of going to the doctor. So it turns out that Inside Amy Schumer is actually a super informative show, and I hope she finds a way to bestow more of her wisdom on us during her hosting gig.

4. Rounds

This one is painfully relatable for anyone who's ever resorted to becoming an extreme people pleaser. (OK, so most people don't pay for everyone's prescriptions at the pharmacy, but you get my drift.)

5. My Dream Breakup

If you will never understand your friends' obsession with wedding-related shows like Say Yes To The Dress, you'll probably end up watching this sketch repeatedly — and it'll never get old. For people who fear commitment but dread initiating a breakup, there should totally be a service that offers assistance in choosing the proper letdown method (slow realization or devastating blindside?), as well as the perfect dress and location. Really, the only thing that went wrong with this breakup was that Amy walked away with the mistaken belief that she'd made a new gay best friend. But, hey, no one's wedding or breakup can be 100 percent perfect.

6. Compliments

It's an unfortunate reality that women really have trouble accepting a compliment. One of the things that Schumer does best is create excruciatingly relatable sketches that both make us laugh and help us recognize how absurd it is that we've been conditioned to do things like undermine our self-worth at all costs — especially when someone tells us we look pretty or earned a well-deserved promotion.

7. Love Tub

Saturday Night Live loves to spoof reality TV, so I'm really hoping for a Bachelor-themed skit like this one. And if Schumer is wearing a sweatsuit and scarfing down fries, I'll be even more enthused.

So, get excited for Schumer's Saturday Night Live hosting gi.! And when it's over, we can go back to binge-watching old episodes of Inside Amy Schumer.