20 Comfortable Halloween Costume Ideas For A Night That's Extra Cozy

Dressing up for Halloween is supposed to be fun. It's a way to escape who you are, and be someone else for a night. But the problem is that most Halloween costumes designed for women are skin-tight, revealing, and all around uncomfortable to wear. Let's change that, shall we? It's time to take a look at these 20 comfortable Halloween costume ideas that won't have you tugging at your clothes all evening long. Besides, the key ingredient to feeling and looking sexy is confidence, and if you're uncomfortable the whole night, you're probably not too confident.

In most parts of the country, Halloween night is chilly, and the need to add some extra layers is dire. Why should we have to endure freezing our booties off, just to wear some ridiculous outfit? I say ignore all those bonkers so-called "sexy" costumes. Let those eyes roll around in your noggin when you see an occupational costume that looks normal in the men's version, but is reduced to a few scraps of fabric for the women's version. Halloween 2015 shall be a spook-tacular celebration in comfort. Here are a bunch of Halloween costumes that are so comfortable, you might never want to take them off

1. Where's Waldo?


What you'll need: A red striped shirt, matching hat, and black-rimmed glasses. Any pair of jeans and footwear will complete this cozy look beautifully.

2. Dominoes


What you'll need: A black dress or black shirt and pants, scissors, and white paper or white fabric cut into circles and lines.

3. A Granny


What you'll need: A gray wig, a pair of glasses, a shirt with cats on it or a really faded floral design, a cane or walker, and an oversized sweater to keep your aging body warm.

4. Mario Brothers


What you'll need: The comfort is all in the overalls. You'll also need a red or green t-shirt, a hat to match the shirt, and a fake mustache.

5. A Clown

What you'll need: Make every piece as loud and silly as possible. A neon polka-dot shirt or dress, clashing bright tights, and big and bold shoes. Then tie it all together with the makeup. Or just get this comfy clown costume from Spirit Halloween ($35).

6. Sweater Weather


What you'll need: A cozy sweater, fake (or real) autumn leaves to attach to the front of the sweater, and safety pins or fabric glue.

7. Wednesday Addams


What you'll need: Wednesday doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks. And her signature style is practical and comfy. Rock pigtail braids, a black dress, and black shoes and tights, and you're good to go.

8. '90s Grunge


What you'll need: A flannel, a rocker tee, ripped jeans, combat boots, and messy unwashed hair.

9. A Bat


What you'll need: Really just a black shirt, black pants, and a hooded cape. With the wide wingspan of bats and their creepy nocturnal nature, the cape will do all the work to tell people what you are.

10. Spa Day


What you'll need: A fluffy white robe, a sleep mask, and flip flops.

11. Spoiler Alert


What you'll need: A black dress, a clutch with the warning symbol on it or the word "warning" written on the outside, and some fabric markers to write every major spoiler in TV and movie history all over the dress.

12. A Big Kid


What you'll need: An adult onesie and a bag of candy. Children are very easy to please.

13. Liz Lemon


What you'll need: A blazer, a striped shirt, jeans, glasses, and a sandwich.

14. Netflix and Chill


What you'll need: Sweatpants, a cozy blanket, popcorn, and the Netflix logo pinned onto the oversized tee.

15. Orange Is the New Black


What you'll need: Orange scrubs or jumpsuit, a white undershirt, and slip-on Vans.

16. Copy Cat


What you'll need: Cat ears, a cat nose and whiskers using makeup, and then a bunch of printed out pictures of Internet-famous cats to tape onto your clothes.

17. A Doctor

What you'll need: Just a white lab coat. Throw that over whatever you're wearing, and everyone will think you're a supremely skilled healer.

18. Lumberjack


What you'll need: A flannel, toy axe, jeans, and a fake beard.

19. Raggedy Ann

What you'll need: This giant costume from Spirit Halloween will do ($55)! And you'll certainly be cozy all night.

20. Any Male Equivalent to a "Sexy" Costume


What you'll need: Literally anything. Go with a cop, a prisoner, a nerd, a doctor, and they will look like the actual practical versions of the professional role. Now if only female costumes could do the same.

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