Jennifer Lawrence Is Officially Celebrity & Entertainer Of The Year, So Let's Celebrate With 7 Of Her Best 2013 Gifs

Well, it's officially everyone — Jennifer Lawrence was the ruler of 2013. Let us all take a moment and give her the Mockingjay salute. Last week the Associated Press named Lawrence their "Entertainer of the Year" after a seriously close round of voting that put the Hunger Games star ahead of Miley Cyrus by one vote. And Monday NBC's Today Show announced that they'd named the Academy award-winning actress their "Celebrity of the Year". Throw in a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the recently released American Hustle and I guess it's fair to say that this is J.Law's world and we're just living in it. Not that we're complaining.

The 23-year-old star become one of the most interesting people to follow this year as she released the sequel to the Hunger Games, the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and become one of the most sought-after young actresses in Hollywood. She also charmed the hell out of everyone on the planet with her uncontrollable word-vomit that turned her into the queen of gifs in 2013 and her strong stance against the unrealistic weight-standards in Hollywood. Lawrence told her fat-shamers to "F-Off" basically, in a moment that couldn't have brought us more joy and fist pumping.

So now we celebrate that the entertainment industry, instead of feeling spurned like Joan Rivers, chose to praise J.Law this year — because she totally deserves it — but giving you her best gifs of 2013.

#7: Her Reaction To Seth MacFarlane's "Boob Song"

She could've been disgusted like Charlize and Naomi, but she took it in stride.

#6: Her Red Carpet Freak Out

Because we've all been there...kind of.

#5: When She Photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker At The MET Ball

She really lived up to the ball's theme by acting like a punk and exhibiting disorderly conduct on the red carpet.

#4: When She Did This On Conan

In case you were wondering about the context: this is J.Law's reenactment of how she used to brush her teeth as a child. This is also apparently her early acting talents manifesting themselves.

#3: When She Was THIS Brutally Honest

Because we've DEFINITELY all been here.

#2: When She Referenced Mean Girls At The People's Choice Awards

So much better than her "I beat Meryl!" reference that fell on deaf ears. This we can all appreciate and we're glad to know that winning awards feels exactly like being crowned homecoming queen.

#1: The Fall To End All Falls

The one gif to rule them all and the number one J.Law gif of 2013.

Okay maybe we were, but we'd love you just the same if you had perfect balance.

Image: NYMag; HuffingtonPost; EOnline; TheMetaPicture; Tumblr; Crushable; Rebloggy