'Arrow' Fans, Olicity & Mr. Terrific Are Back

by Caitlyn Callegari

I never have willpower when it comes to TV shows I'm fully invested in and spoilers. It's true, I am undeniably weak. Except if it's Game of Thrones. That show is best watched going through life with a blindfold and earmuffs secured to your face. Alas, we are not talking about GOT right now — we're talking about Arrow and the Comic-Con 2015 Sizzle Reel. And sizzle is the most apropos word I could possibly use when it comes to a certain blip of a very steamy Olicity scene.

But Olicity aside, there's another clear standout in the teaser. In the few moments he's featured, Curtis Holt aka Mr. Terrific, who is played by Echo Kellum, solidifies himself as the most hilarious addition to Star City since practically ever. I mean it. Take a look for yourself. And, as I'm sure Felicity Smoak would tell you, being the jokester in the group of constant brooders is tiring. It's time someone came along to give her a hand at the whole comedic relief thing. God knows after that flash forward cemetery scene, we're going to need lots of laughs to counter balance our perpetual terror.

Here are six must-see Olicity and Mr. Terrific moments from the Comic-Con Sizzle Reel.

1. First Things First, The Spiderman (Green Arrow?) Kiss

If you blink, you could miss it. But, honestly, you're not going to miss it cause it's super hot. There. I said it.

Stephen Amell Is Also Pretty Proud Of It

As one half of a standout fictional couple should be.

2. Felicity Seeing Ray, Looking Obviously Distressed, But Alive!


3. Felicity Subsequently Voicing Her Guilt Over Ray

It seemed a little strange that Felicity spoke about Ray so nonchalantly in the first episode considering, as far as they know, he exploded into smithereens. It's actually refreshing to see her deal with what happened to him in a real way.

4. The Beginning Of What Appears To Be A Beautiful Friendship Between Ms. Smoak And Mr. Terrific

Glasses wearers, unite!

5. Curtis Yelping At The Sight Of A Murderous Playing Card

To be fair, it just cut steel, so... Yeah, it looks fairly dangerous.

6. Olicity + Mr. Terrific = Olicerffic? Mr. Olicity? Terrlicity?

Whatever their joint, bromantic name may be, the trio sure do know how to deliver a chuckle-worthy scene together.

These must-see moments have me so hyped for the upcoming episodes, I almost forgot about the cemetery scene. Almost.

Images: Warner Bros. TV/YouTube (7)