Hayes Grier Uses Instagram To Show Off His Life

He may be this season's youngest contestant at just 15 years old, but Hayes Grier is a fan favorite on Dancing With The Stars . And, throughout the competition we've learned a few things about the Vine sensation's personal life — he was thrilled to be reunited with his mom and little sister during "Hometown Week," and, on last week's "Most Memorable Year" episode, he revealed that he was a painfully shy kid, but he came out of his shell when he became an overnight social media sensation. But, Vine isn't the only platform where you should follow him — Hayes Grier's Instagram account shows us all sorts of fun facts about this rising star.

When he's not taking social media (and now the dance floor) by storm, Hayes loves the outdoors — his photos show that he spends plenty of time outside biking, swimming, and boating. But, judging by his Instagram, the thing Hayes loves most in the world is his family. We may know him as Nash's younger brother, but he's also an amazing big brother to his adorable sister and he dotes on his super cute dogs. My main takeaway from Hayes' Instagram? He's just as sweet as he appears on TV.

1. He's A Dog Lover

Hayes frequently posts pictures of his dogs, and they're adorable.

2. He's An Amazing Older Brother

In last week's episode of Dancing With The Stars, Hayes spoke about how much he looks up to his older brother, Nash. But, he's an amazing big brother himself — his dotes on his little sister, Skylynn.

3. He Loves His Mom

Plenty of teenagers aren't super excited to share their affection for their parents with the world, but Hayes posted a cute photo and an even sweeter message for Mother's Day.

4. His Selfies Are Top-Notch

Hayes doesn't post a lot of selfies — but when he does, his dog is prominently featured. (And that, my friends, is the correct way to take a selfie.)

5. He Loves Outdoor Activities

Hayes went snowboarding in Vermont last winter, and his Instagram shows that he also loves biking, hiking, swimming, and boating.

6. His Brothers Are The Most Important People In His Life

In case there was any doubt that family is his top priority, Hayes used the #mattersmostNX hashtag to express his love and appreciation for his brothers.

7. He Adores His Dancing With The Stars Partner

Emma and Hayes make a great team, and they definitely click both on and off the dance floor.

8. He Takes The Occasional Artistic Portrait

Are we looking at a future model?

At just 15 years old, Hayes has already accomplished a whole lot and he undoubtedly has a bright future — but it seems that his family will always be his top priority.