Kourtney & Scott's Relationship Is Over On 'KUWTK'

Since this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians began, the idea that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have split is becoming easier and easier to forget. In every episode so far, they've been getting along just fine, and if it wasn't for their highly publicized breakup, you'd probably have no idea they weren't together anymore. Until Sunday night's new episode, of course — when the earliest signs of Kourtney and Scott's relationship deteriorating became obvious on KUWTK.

At first, it was little things — like Kourtney catching Scott smoking a cigarette before he went out with Kourt and her friends, and then he mocked and imitated her at dinner. But issues like these come up in the most stable of relationships, so NBD, right? Things got so much worse.

Scott disappeared to France without a warning, or telling anyone when he was coming back. Kourtney was obviously pretty upset about it, and it sounds like that was the beginning of the end.

"Scott will be amazing for like three months and then he'll go out of town and go off the deep end and I won't hear from him," Kourtney said. "I just focus on myself these days... The only thing that's been hard is that when I wake up, I feel sick. That's how I feel pretty much every day."

I probably don't have to tell you (or Kourtney) that isn't how you feel in a relationship that's working. And then, what seemed to be the final straw: Photos of Scott hanging all over girls on the Daily Mail website, which was shocking for the entire family. And it didn't take long before Kourtney got a call from Scott's friend, saying he was crying and acting completely erratic. Kourtney knew she couldn't keep living this way, and there was only one thing left to do: Decide to move on without him.

Kourtney's rarely emotional, but this decision brought the tears — and it was so heartbreaking to watch her talk about how hard she's worked to keep her family together.

Even if it is the best possible decision for Kourtney and her kids, I'll still mourn the relationship until the rest of time. Kourtney and Lord Disick were the cutest together!