The Herd Comes To 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 As Rick's Group Discovers A New, Dangerous Location

The Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead not only had some fun with non-linear storytelling, but quickly introduced a new location that was super intense. Where was the herd on The Walking Dead ? We caught up with everyone at what looked like a ravine or a rock quarry. The herd of walkers was being held in the quarry by two trucks, and Rick's team of survivors plus Alexandria Safe-Zone residents forms a true army against them. This all was definitely not going down in the cul de sacs and backyards of the Safe-Zone, so where the heck was everybody?

Presumably, this is just a quarry in Alexandria, Virginia. There is a sign that reads "Quint Materials Company" on the series, which isn't a real company. There isn't a real intersection of Marshall and Redding in Alexandria either, as far as I can tell — so go ahead and cancel your road trip. However, there are similar rock quarries and organizations in the area IRL, like Vulcan Materials Company that specializes in gravel and other similar substances, so the geography is logistically sound.

Rick decides that this is how everyone in Alexandria has been able to live a peaceful life during the apocalypse. While a few Walkers have made their way to the wall, most of them have been funneling into this quarry and becoming stuck by the two trucks. Between that, the steep cliffs, and the rocky surface, a herd has gathered in the one spot. Where have they been coming from? All over. The only problem is, if one of the trucks topples over, everyone nearby is outnumbered and pretty much dead. That's why Rick decides to mount an attack on the herd, which is what brings everyone to this new, action-packed location.

I also think it's safe to assume that the trucks were placed there by the same people who built the Alexandria Safe-Zone wall... though it's possible that they were left by the Wolves, who are also fond of both trucks and luring Walkers to specific locations. The herd is going to bring everyone together under Rick's leadership and really test the Alexandrians. Grimes is right, they haven't had to survive until now. The "herd" is part of The Walking Dead comics and a major plot point during the survivors' time at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, so it's exciting to see this come to life on the AMC series.

Image: Gene Page/AMC