Emma's Already Keeping Secrets From Hook

When you become the Dark One, you get a brand new house. Or, at least that's what happened to Emma Swan when she became the Dark One. Leaving mom, dad, and baby Neal behind, Emma moved into some big, spacious digs on the other side of Storybrooke where she can do all of her evil bidding in peace. While we haven't seen much of this house so far, we do know one thing: it's got a suspicious looking locked door inside. What's behind Emma's locked door on Once Upon A Time ? We might not even have to wait long to find out.

During his one and only visit to Emma's house (that we know of), Hook spotted this door. It's not really anything out of the ordinary, but it caught his attention. During the second episode of the season, "The Price," he tried to make a go for it but Emma distracted him with a drink. As of right now, the door and its contents remain a mystery.

But, maybe not for long. Because — and this is sad news for Captain Swan 'shippers — it looks like Emma and Hook are done for right now. We know that Hook's still got feelings for Emma, but it's hard to tell if Emma feels anything, ANYTHING, at all for anyone, and that includes Hook. When pressed for an answer, Hook admitted that he "loved" her, past tense. With her as the Dark One, he's not really feeling the romance. What he is feeling is suspicion, and with good reason. Would you trust the Dark One? Probably not.

Hook's not really sure what Emma's up to, but he's determined to find out. So, he turns to the other thief in town he knows, Robin Hood. At the end of "Siege Perilous," Hook asks Robin for his help breaking into Emma's locked door. Sure, like that will be totally easy and not at all complicated.

What will the two find behind the door? Right now, it could be anything. It's not like Rumple ever had a hidden, locked door, so we don't have anything else to go off of. Maybe this locked door is where Emma's keeping all those MIA characters we haven't seen on OUAT for multiple seasons (Ruby, Mulan, Dr. Whale, Archie, etc.). OK, probably not.

A better guess? It's a portal back to Camelot. That might explain how everyone got back to Storybrooke in the first place. Or, it could be a staircase that leads her down to the sword in the stone, and locking it up makes it so much more secure. It could literally be anything. But if Hook and Robin have their way, we're going to find out exactly what's behind it, and soon.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC