'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Brings Music To West Covina

Facebook-stalking your exes is one thing, but actually moving across the country to (maybe) see one? That's a whole different story — and the main premise of The CW's new comedy series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, premiering Monday night. Lawyer Rebecca Bunch (played by co-creator Rachel Bloom) moves from New York City to a pleasant suburb named West Covina, California, where her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan lives and you might be wondering: Is West Covina a real place? Yes, it is! It's so real that I've actually been there a bunch of times and one of my friends grew up there. West Covina is located 20 miles east of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley.

But in a state filled with many locations, why pick West Covina? Co-creator and exec producer Aline Brosh McKenna (screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada) recently told LA Weekly that the city just seemed to fit their needs. "We were looking for a Southern California suburb," McKenna said. "[Rachel and I] loved the sound of the name. But also I think it epitomizes the new suburb, because it has a lot of chain stores, but it’s also very ethnically diverse." It sounds like both creators definitely want to get it right when it comes to West Covina, but let's see if that's the case.

I've watched the extended trailer for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend very closely and here's what I've found to be true and false about the show's portrayal about West Covina.

Zip Code — True

When Josh (the ex-boyfriend) tells Rebecca that he's moving to California, he says the zip code 91791, which really does belong to West Covina.

"2 Hours From The Beach, 4 In Traffic" — True


In Los Angeles, it's always better to assume there will be more traffic than you expect (and there usually is), because a simple 20-minute drive could turn into two hours. My drives to West Covina have always been around two to three hours, depending on traffic.

Big Kitschy Malls — True

In the trailer, Rebecca does a big ol' musical number at West Covina's cute mall. Most of the cities outside of Los Angeles proper have wonderful, kitschy outdoor malls with giant movie theaters, food courts with free samples, and FREE PARKING (which is so rare in LA).

Cute Houses — True

In the trailer, Rebecca attends a house party at a very cute house in the city. I have to say that's accurate, because my friend who lived there grew up in an amazingly gorgeous house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and garages. It was lovely and so suburban.

Spontaneous Musical Numbers — Not When I've Been There

I'm disappointed to say West Covina was very un-musical when I was there, but I did get some delicious boba at a place there, so at least it has that.

Giant Pretzels — I Wish!

Another thing that I have yet to see upon my visits to West Covina. If they really do have gigantic pretzels, I'm really thinking I should go there more often. Not to stalk the giant pretzel, but to be in the same vicinity as it. Just like Rebecca and Josh on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Images: Eddy Chen (2)/The CW; Mallory Carra/Bustle/The CW (3)