7 Erogenous Zones You Should Be Focusing On In Bed

It is an unofficial life goal of mine to figure out all seven erogenous zones on the body that Monica Gellar talks about and act out her famous Friends' scene. So far, it hasn't happened. Partly because there are way more than seven places that feel amazing to be touched, right? There are loads of great erogenous zones. Some vary depending on your partner, but a lot of them, even nipples, are pretty constant on everyone. But they amount of sensitivity in each area, and how much they like being touched there, changes from person to person (I mean, some things are just too sensitive). It's worth taking time to explore your partner and find out what makes them tick and, more importantly, what areas you love being touched, too.

There are some obvious choices, that are pretty much essential to sex, like your partner's clit or balls. So I'm going to assume those are no-brainers. Here are seven less obvious erogenous zones to start exploring and paying attention to in the bedroom and why you don't want to miss out on them. And, once you find the right spots for you and your partner, you may struggle to even have sex without paying attention to them.

1. Inner Thighs

Inner thighs are super sexy to tease because they're obviously really close to your penis or vagina, making them great to play with to increase anticipation. But they also are sensitive in their own right, and as Women's Health points out "this area can handle a little more pressure than others" so you can use your fingers, tongue, lips, and maybe even some light biting and see what they enjoy.

2. Neck

The neck is really great area on most people, so it may seem like a not surprising choice. But people tend to forget that the base of the neck at the back has a lot of sensitivity, so be sure to include that, especially in positions from behind.

3. Eyes

Turn the lights on, because what you see is so important in the bedroom. The Independent explains that "just looking at a person in a certain way or being watched can create sexual pleasure and sensations, from shivers down your spine to feeling breathless." It's also a really body- confidence boosting move to ask your partner what they most enjoying looking at during sex.

4. Scalp

You know that feeling you get when you get your hair shampooed at the hairdresser? The one that seems like you're having a way too intimate moment with a stranger who put an adult bib on you and is now rubbing your scalp— it's better than pizza made of candy. Why wouldn't you want to bring that into the bedroom?

5. Lips

Yes, we use them for kissing which obviously feels amazing. But with lips it's good to go beyond the obvious. Plus, according to Prevention, lip stimulations realizes dopamine "all the more reason to lick, nibble, and softly touch" them. Be playful and try different presses.

6. Fingertips

Sexologist Emily Morse says that you should just use your fingertips as something you touch other people with, as they're the " second-most sensitive body part after the tongue." Try kissing or light biting, but also just rubbing and kneading them can feel incredible.

7. Brain

The brain is a big, sexy organ, but it's also a foundational part of your sex life. The Independent points out that "being in the right frame of mind also affects how you perceive sexual stimulation," so concentrating on being present and focusing on what is happening to your body is key— as is taking the time to be good to yourself throughout the day. It'll set you up for the awesome sex you deserve.

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