See Kendall Jenner With Shorter, Wavier Hair

We're used to Kylie Jenner changing her hair length, color, and texture on a daily basis. Her big sister Kendall pretty much sticks to long, straight, chocolate brown locks. However, Kendall Jenner showed off shorter, wavy hair in a casual Instagram pic while nursing a cup of tea. Since her modeling gig usually requires her hair to maintain both consistency and malleability so it can be manipulated for whatever brand she is posing for, it's nice to see her change things up a bit.

It was actually a tiny bit jarring, since I am so used to the elder Jenner sister rocking glossy, long layers. But her hair appears a bit lighter here, too.

Granted, the pic boasts the black and white Insta filter, so you can't quite tell if she has made any legit or super drastic change.

It's not as dramatic as the Kris Jenner-like pixie she sported for her Vogue Brasil shoot , but it was certainly noticeable enough. That's because Kendall is the model of consistency — no pun intended. You can count on her to remain loyal to her strand signatures despite all the crazy and dramatic changes that her bevy of sisters make when it comes to their follicles.

Kendall is the quiet, consistent killer in the Kardashian crew.

It is a bit different. Her hair does look a bit thicker and textured, though. I must admit that I do expect her to eventually go with a drastic change, like supermodel Linda Evangelista did when she hacked off her hair. Sometimes models have to shake it up to stand out.

While Kendall usually veers towards classic, rather than trendy, unlike her baby sis, she can get playful with her hair on IG. Like she did with this bright blonde wig. It was the Kendall the Ken Doll.

Classic isn't boring! Her hair heart Insta pic was the most liked photo... E-V-E-R. How many of us have tried to recreate the hair hearts on our own and had it be an epic fail?

Straight and center-parted usually works for her. But it was nice to see a change.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty, simple waves also look great on her.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The severe, super short bob, worn for a fashion show, was probably her craziest temporary change, though. It did highlight her features, namely the cheekbones, better than Kim-approved contouring or strobing could!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Boho chic babe is another look that works for Jenner, Kendall.

It's refreshing when Kendall Jenner switches things up and throws us for a locks loop.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (4)