9 Times Kendall's Insta Game Was Better Than Kim's

Everyone remembers that photo of Kim K. and Kanye kissing on their wedding day because it was definitely the photo seen ‘round the world. But now, Kendall Jenner's heart hair photo has the most Instagram likes. Ever. Yes, you know the one I'm talking about. It's officially beaten older sister Kim Kardashian's wedding photo as the most popular image on the platform.

OK, so this is quite the accomplishment. Over 2 million likes is nothing to turn your nose up at, but if you really think about it, this also isn’t the first time Jenner has stolen Kardashian's thunder on Instagram, especially with all of her high fashion moments. Seems like we’ve got siblings going head-to-head in a little social media battle here, and all I’ve got to say is — let the games begin! This is bound to be one glamorous competition.

From similar magazine cover shoots to posing in lingerie, these sisters have a lot in common. And if you analyze the photos side by side, there are moments when there’s just a clear winner, whether it’s because of more likes or better styling. I love to sit back and watch these ladies battle it out in style.

If you live for this kind of thing, too, see these nine times Jenner the clear winner when it comes to the better Instagram post.

1. The Most Liked Photo On Instagram

Behold: the most liked photo on Instagram. That's right, this even beat out Kimye!

2. Thank You Photo

Kendall may not have opted to pose in lingerie to thank her Instagram followers like Kim K. once did, but she still got more likes with this snap.

3. Backside Appreciation

Kardashian is obviously known for her "break the internet" worthy curves, but Kendall's got it going on in this pic.

4. Using North To Her Advantage

When it comes to getting likes, posting a pic of North West is the way to go. Kendall Jenner knows what's up.

5. Lingerie Shot

Both sisters have posed in lingerie before, but did Kim K. do so while posing with Marcel the Monkey from Friends? Didn't think so. There's a clear winner here.

6. Fresh Out The Shower

These ladies have taken fresh out of the shower photos before, and Kendall's looking good in this one.

7. Stadium Style

Kim K. may have been proposed to at a stadium, but Kendall's got this whole baller style on lock.

8. Posing With Cara

Each sister has had the chance to pose with Delevingne, but I mean... how cute is this?

9. En Route

The ladies have posted plenty of pictures en route to different events, but I mean, this is too good to not be the absolute winning moment. Not being able to sit your dress is so tight — I feel you, girl!

So who will post the most like-worthy photo next? May the best sister win!