15 Things All Sisters Can Answer About Each Other

When I was growing up, there were times when I was less than thrilled about being the middle child of three girls. Somehow my sisters — both relatively close to me in age, at two and three years apart — knew just how to get on my nerves, and exactly which buttons to push to tap into my adolescent insecurities. There were times when, amid my teen angst, I simply couldn’t imagine having close relationships with them as an adult, something that seems really strange now that we’ve all grown up, and they are officially two of my favorite people on the planet.

When we grew up and left home, all three of us had to renegotiate our relationships with each other, and make the transition that many siblings face — the shift from being (sometimes begrudging) family members to actually being friends. Without the angst, immaturity, and competitiveness of childhood and adolescence to get in the way, I found that my sisters are awesome, interesting, smart women, and that the fact that they know practically everything about me, from my most embarrassing moments to my deepest fears, is no longer as threatening as it seemed when I was younger. In fact, now that deep knowledge of each other is a major source of comfort and love (and also merciless teasing, because we can’t be mature all the time).

Sisters combine the best aspects of both friends and family. They are people you genuinely like and enjoy, but also the people in your life who are not afraid to tell you things you may not want to hear — because, well, you can only stay mad at someone for so long when you know she's going to be in your life forever, right? Keep reading for 15 things that sisters know about each other without even having to think about it.

Your most embarrassing childhood moment.

Sisters know everything about the Time Which Shall Not Be Mentioned — the moment in your life that was so embarrassing you wished the Earth would just open up and swallow you. They like to bring this episode up as opportune moments, particularly when you are bringing home a romantic partner for the first time.

Your bra size.

I’m not sure why sisters always know this about each other, but they simply do. Call it one of life’s mysteries.

Stuff you did as a teenager that you still haven’t told your parents about because they would ground you retroactively.

Seriously, your sisters have enough dirt on you to plant a rather alarmingly large garden.

Whether you prefer Jem and the Holograms or She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Haha, your sisters would recognize immediately that this is a trick question! How could you possibly choose between the two greatest kids shows of all time?

Your deepest insecurity.

Your sisters know what you are most insecure about, and you know the same about them. When you were kids, you may have used this knowledge against each other, but as adults, you do your best to shore each other up.

The particular Celine Dion song that, combined with a few glasses of wine, will have all three of you singing your faces off and sobbing ugly tears.

“It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” obviously.

The worst person you’ve ever dated.

Seriously, if I asked my sisters right now, “Who is the worst person I’ve ever dated?”, they would name names in less than .06 seconds. They would immediately follow with a litany of reasons as to why that person sucked more than anyone, and why I should have listened to them back when they first told me that guy was the Worst.

The origins of your quirks.

Because they’ve known you your whole life, your sisters can identify the early experiences that led to the bizarre ... I mean, attractively quirky behaviors you still retain as an adult — and to them, those behaviors seem totally normal.

Your family dynamics.

Even with very close friends, it can be hard, if not impossible, to explain exactly how your family works, where certain tensions come from, and why you have particular conflicts with your parents. Your sisters already know all of that stuff, and you can communicate with each other about complex familial issues with little more than a few words and a facial expression.

When you first got your period/first date/first kiss/first ANYTHING.

As we get older, many of us lose contact with the people we knew while we were growing up, and by the time you’re in your mid-20s or 30s, it can be rare to talk to someone who remembers your youthful milestones. Your sisters know all of that — and they probably still like to tease you about it.

Everything about your wedding, real or imagined.

I was never someone who talked much about weddings with friends when I was growing up — I just didn’t spend a lot of my mental life thinking about them. But somehow with my sisters, all the reasons it seemed weird to obsessively plan what my invitations would look like as a 13 year old just sort of weren't there. We had elaborate conversations about wedding stuff, which, if I’m honest, actually came in handy when I was planning my real wedding years later — and, of course, they were integral to that planning process, too.

Stuff about your LTR or marriage that no one else knows.

Relationships are complicated, and there are aspects of your LTR or marriage that may feel too personal even to tell a very close friend, and too strange to tell your parents. You entrust your sisters with details about your personal life that no one else knows, and they do the same with you.

When you are full of crap.

You’re sisters know you really well, and they can tell instantly when you are trying to be someone you’re not. They have no patience for posing, and can cut through your bravado without breaking a sweat.

Why you’re awesome.

You’re sisters may use their knowledge of you to tease you mercilessly, but they also know exactly what makes you a cool person. No one is better equipped to make you feel better about yourself when you’re feeling down.

When you need a hug, a truth bomb, or a little of both.

Your sisters support and encourage you, but they’re also not afraid to lay down uncomfortable truths when you need to hear them. You may not be happy about it in the moment, but overall, you're glad you have people you can trust to be honest with you no matter what. That said, they also know when they need to back off with the truth telling and administer a much-needed hug.

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