How To Dress As The TGIT Ladies For Halloween

If you're in search of the ultimate trio costume for you and your two friends, then go no further. Plus, if you're a fan of Shonda Rhimes' Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Grey's Anatomy, then you're going to love this TGIT Halloween costume. What makes a more badass group costume than one where you and your friends get to dress up as Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)? Yeah, you'll absolutely be the talk of any party on October 31.

The best part about channeling your inner Olivia, Annalise, and Meredith is that you don't have to purchase a fancy and expensive costume. Actually, these three Rhimes characters, who are beyond influential, make great last-minute costumes, because you can pretty much pull anything from your closet and become any of the three women.

Here's how you can use your very own closet and whatever you have around the house to turn yourself and your friends into these three leading ladies. If you own overside coats and sweaters, dresses, and medical scrubs, you're ahead of the game.

Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope is the queen of oversized coats and huge sweaters that look super cozy. So, if you have a really cute peacoat, trench coat, or a jacket with a ridiculously large collar, then you're pretty much set. Of course, Olivia also has the best dress pants and shirts underneath those sweaters and coats. So, if you own a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt that you might wear to the office, then, bam, you're good to go.

Tip: Bring a bottle of wine and a bowl of popcorn, then you definitely won't go unnoticed as Olivia Pope.

Annalise Keating

Like Olivia, I'd love to raid Annalise Keating's closet. She is one fashionable, not to mention kickass, lawyer. No matter the case or the murder she's trying to cover up, Annalise always looks flawless in her amazing dresses. With that said, if you own a little black dress or one you've been saving for a special occasion or a dress you love to wear to weddings, throw it on and channel Annalise.

Tip: Bring a briefcase full of important looking files and papers, in addition to a recorder and you'll surely convince everyone that you're Annalise.

Bonus tip: Just say the below quote anytime someone approaches you and you're golden.

Meredith Grey

Obviously, if you just happen to own some scrubs, you're basically already Meredith Grey. If not, then you could probably pull off Meredith when she wears street clothes. She is a bit more casual than Olivia and Annalise, so all you have to do to become Meredith is put on a pair of jeans, a casual shirt, and some boots (it is fall, after all), and your costume will be complete.

Scrub Set, $18, Amazon

If you do want to dress as Meredith with her scrubs, there are scrub sets available on Amazon for under $20 (and if you have Prime, you'll get two-day shipping!). Another option is to look up a uniform store near you if you really need to get your scrubs at the last minute.

Tip: Drink tequila and truly become the Meredith Grey's fans know and love.

Whoever you dress up as, remember to have fun just like these three do when, you know, they're not working under pressure or struggling with life, in general.

Images: Nicole Wilder, Mitch Haaseth, Richard Cartwright, Bob D’Amico/ABC; Amazon, entertainmentweekly, greys-pedia, htgawm-gifs/Tumblr; Giphy