New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Image Proves Raccoons are the New Cats

Disney and Marvel attempted to sneak one by us/throw writers working on New Year's Eve a bone by unveiling the first promotional image from Guardians of the Galaxy, its all-but-guaranteed blockbuster-to-be. And after reading the synopsis and doing a bit of research, we're ready to make a pretty audacious speculative announcement: raccoons are totally the new cats. Sorry, Chris Pratt: this movie just isn't about you at all. Aside from being the central figure in the line-up image above, the raccoon also plays a major role in the film. Rocket is his name because of course, and intergalactic crime-fighting is his game.

Anthropomorphized animals are all the rage — and when you throw a gun in its hands and a few hilarious quips in his mouth, it's not hard to see how everything becomes all about Rocket. Not only does he tote guns (and who doesn't love a well-balanced toting?), he's a bit of a military tactician, and allegedly sounds a heck of a lot like Bradley Cooper (but that's probably because Rocket's voiced by him in the film). So it's really no surprise that raccoons will be taking over in 2013 (and that's not just because I nearly mistook two of them for a couple of Pomeranians that needed petting on my walk home last night). But how? And why?

Sorry, cats: looks like raccoons will be stealing more than just your food: they might just steal your spotlight.

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Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Pictures