A Slasher Movie Drinking Game For Halloween

by Jessica Learish

Halloween is officially right around the corner, and if you need any more excuses to throw a few back on the big night, try out this slasher movie Halloween drinking game. The Internet is overflowing with drinking games for every kind of theme party. From cup games to card games, there are a million excuses to take a swig in just about any setting, if you put your mind to it. But, of all the things Halloween-related, slasher movies have an outlandish number of tropes and hilarious redundancies, such that you only need one set of rules for an entire genre of films. That's what I call efficiency, people.

Slasher movies are perfect for parties. You barely have to watch them to keep up with the story, and even the creepiest slasher films are objectively hilarious. So, a slasher movie drinking game at a Halloween party is more than fitting.

First, write down the names of major characters on slips of paper, and put them into a trick-or-treating pumpkin. Then, have your guests pick the names, and divide into teams. After everyone is settled in, you can start breaking down the rules. There are two kinds of rules — rules for each character's team, and rules for everyone. Here's how it works:

Team Rules

1. If your character runs off on his or her own, drink.

2. If your character starts acting shady, like he or she might be the killer, drink.

3. If your character hears a noise that no one else hears, drink.

4. If your character gets murdered, finish your drink. (Yeah, that's probably two back-to-back drinks. Happy Halloween!)

Rules For Everyone

1. Anytime some kind of technology malfunctions (like when there's no cell phone reception, or a flashlight is out of batteries), drink.

2. Anytime one character scares another (because slasher victims are so jumpy), drink.

3. Anytime someone in the movie jumps or screams, drink.

4. Anytime someone at the party jumps or screams, drink.

5. Anytime a creepy backstory or legend gets explained, drink.

6. Anytime the police don't believe that anything is amiss, drink.

7. Anytime anyone references an older slasher movie, drink.

8. Anytime the characters walk into a gratuitous graveyard, drink.

9. Anytime a character tries to fight the killer unsuccessfully, drink.

10. Anytime a character inexplicably slips or falls while running away and can't get up, drink.

Images: Scream/Dimension Films; Giphy (2)