When Will Lily Rabe Be On 'AHS: Hotel'? Aileen Wuornos Is Worth The Wait

American Horror Story: Hotel is, dare I say it, off to an even more gruesome start than I expected — and when it comes to crazed serial killers preying on the guests at Hotel Cortez, we're just getting started. Another exciting thing about this season that has fans theorizing like it's our job is Ryan Murphy's confirmation that AHS: Hotel will be connected to Murder House. Since no installment of the show would be complete without her and she was an integral character in Murder House, many fans are wondering if and when Lily Rabe will be on American Horror Story: Hotel. Rest assured that Rabe will be making an appearance — but instead of the snobbish ghost of Nora Montgomery, she'll be undergoing a serious makeover to play real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

So, not to be pushy, but when can we look forward to seeing Rabe on our small screens — presumably committing some pretty heinous acts? The good news is, we don't have a terribly long wait. But, the bad news is that she's only slated to appear in two episodes of Hotel (which I suppose is an improvement over her one-episode stint on Freak Show). Appropriately, she'll be showing up for the two-part Halloween special — "Mommy" airs on Oct. 21 and "Devil's Night" airs on Oct. 28.

Rabe's character, Aileen Wournos, is considered the most famous female serial killer of all time — and this isn't the first time she's gotten attention from Hollywood. Wuornos was portrayed by Charlize Theron in the 2003 film Monster, for which Theron won an Oscar. She was also previously the subject of a 1992 made-for-TV movie called Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story. Wuornos won't be the only real-life serial killer showing up at Hotel Cortez — she'll be in the company of the likes of John Wayne Gacy (who also showed up in the Freak Show installment).

So, in what context will this Floridian killer be gracing the Hotel Cortez with her presence? A dinner party that I can only assume will not end well (and by "not end well," I mean there will probably be a whole lot of bloodshed). We know that Detective John Lowe will be in attendance, but not a whole lot of other details are available. However, Murphy did provide this teaser to Entertainment Weekly:

The biggest serial killers of all time all come to the hotel. Gacey. Aileen. John Lowe’s invited to a devil’s night dinner. He thinks someone is pulling a huge prank on him. It’s the biggest serial killers of all time in a room with him and he has to figure who is trying to make him lose his mind.

Although Rabe will only appear in two episodes, Murphy confirmed in a separate interview that she'll be the "centerpiece" of the Halloween installment — so at least she'll make the most of her screentime. And, based on her past performances, we can totally count on Rabe to kill it (pun intended — sorry, I had to).

Although she's not the first actress to portray Wuornos, it'll be a totally unique interpretation of the character since it's all about how she would behave within the bizarre universe of American Horror Story. As Rabe recently told Shine On Media:

[It's] such a specific world, so it really is Aileen Wuornos in that world... Which I think is inevitably going to be different than her in any other context because there's no other world out there like American Horror Story. Bringing the two together has been the most exciting challenge to find the right balance of everything.

Wuornos was put to death in 2002 and Hotel takes place in present day, so it's safe to assume Rabe will once again be playing a ghost — a very, very dangerous and homicidal ghost. Since she's already played both a ghost and a villain on the show, I can't wait to see what'll happen when she shows up for the Halloween dinner party from hell. Luckily, we don't have too much longer to wait.Images: Giphy (2)