James The Dad Won Over The Judges On 'The Voice'

Team Adam had a tough battle on Monday between Dustin Monk and James Dupre, but, in the end, James Dupre won The Voice battle round over Dustin with a stellar performance of "Fortunate Son." The Creedence Clearwater Revival song was even more important than usual, because lead singer John Fogerty was the team's mentor for the performance. But, James did Fogerty and Team Adam proud when he walked out and killed the number, eventually securing the victory.

"I really enjoyed that a lot," Gwen Stefani raved after the pair finished the number. It was a tough choice for coach Adam Levine, but he eventually gave the victory to James, a divorced father of four, and a very talented singer. The dad was there to prove something not just to himself, the judges, and the audience, but to his family, and they were so proud of him. And, so was Adam, who said of the singer, "He's really gonna shine."

And, that he will if he continues to perform the way he did on Monday. It was sad to see Dustin Monk have to go, but James definitely deserved to stay in the game and keep making his family proud. I forsee big things to come from him in the future, and I'm excited to see him continue to shine.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC (2)