Meet Team Adam's First Country Singer, James Dupre

It sure was a good night for Adam Levine on The Voice — he FINALLY got a country artist to join his team! Long-time fans of the show know how big of an accomplishment this is for the coach (and how much he must be gloating about this to the other half of his bromance, Blake Shelton). So who's the lucky contestant? Meet country artist James Dupre. After receiving a coveted four chair turn, the Louisiana native chose to join Team Adam because he's looking to infuse some more pop into his country style. And honestly, this was the best choice for him.

Sure, Blake Shelton is arguably the best The Voice coach for aspiring country singers. And if Dupre was a typical country novice, he probably would have chosen the award-winning coach — he would've been silly not to. But he's not a typical contestant, he has a musical past and he's ready to take his career to the next level.

In 2010, Dupre appeared on Ellen after a friend submitted his YouTube videos to the show. Shortly after he was signed as a country artist by Warner Music Group. Though he was dropped from the label, he hasn't given up on his musical career — and that's what led him to The Voice stage today.

Though it's tough to say what Adam Levine can offer a country singer on his team, it's pretty clear that his expertise will be more beneficial than Shelton's for what Dupre is hoping to get out of this competition. Dupre would've quickly gotten lost in the shuffle of country artists on Team Blake — he already has quite a few on his roster — and wouldn't have been able to focus on adding new dimensions to his style. But on Team Adam he'll be able to focus on adding a layer of pop to his vocals beginning on day one. Regardless of what team he's on though, one thing's clear: James Dupre is one extremely talented artist and is ready to take on the competition.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC