What Are Monet & Vaughn Doing After 'Married At First Sight'? They're Better Off Without Each Other

The first season of the social experiment disguised as a reality show, Married At First Sight, gave us a couple of really cute love stories... and then one story that was completely opposite. Even though they had a crazy amount of initial attraction when they met at the altar, Monet and Vaughn couldn't be two more different people. It didn't take long before they started fighting, and even on their gorgeous honeymoon they couldn't help but argue. Unfortunately, when it came time to make a decision, Monet and Vaughn decided to get a divorce. But, now that it's been almost two years since they started their adventure, what are Monet and Vaughn up to now? Don't worry, they're definitely not regretting their decision to split.

Of course, even though their relationship didn't work out, it doesn't mean they didn't learn anything. Like Monet said in the finale, living with someone like Vaughn taught her that she didn't necessarily want to fall in the traditional role of what being a wife used to mean, and that she's a lot more independent than she realized. I have a feeling their future relationships will be way more successful because of the giant risk they took in participating in the whole MAFS thing.

So, where are they now? According to their Instagram accounts, they're both pretty single and loving it.

1. Monet Is Cooking More Often

The best part is that she decided to do it for herself, not to please her husband.

2. Vaughn Is Getting In Shape

Of course, he was in pretty good shape on MAFS, but now, it looks like Vaughn is kicking it up a notch with regular workouts and a healthier diet. He's obviously working hard, because Insanity is no joke.

3. Monet Is Living The Ideal Life

And by "ideal life" I mean going on vacation, going out with her friends, and having a blast doing the single life. It doesn't look like she's missing Vaughn too much at all — or that she's looking for a new man.

4. Vaughn Is Trying His Hand At Voiceover Work

I could totally see Vaughn doing the voice of a Very Serious Math Teacher. Maybe?

It's good to see that these two are still doing well, even if they couldn't make their expert-approved marriage work. They both seem happier than ever right now, and that's what counts!

Image: FYI