Grandma Gets Surprised By Adopted Granddaughter

I hope you're ready for your daily dose of feels, because this grandma meeting her adopted baby granddaughter for the first time will give you all of them. The new grandmother in question is Sharon Bloomingdale, whose daughter and son-in-law had been matched with a baby through an adoption agency three weeks earlier. Said daughter and son-in-law decided to surprise Sharon with their new baby. They took five-month-old Ellie to meet her grandmother at work the same day they picked her up from the agency. Who said work was dull?

First, Sharon's daughter enters the office with a present for her, in a fairly telling pastel gift bag. The daughter says she's filming for "Josh" who will be in "in a minute." Obviously, we know he's waiting outside with the surprise bundle of joy. As Sharon opens the bag, she asks, "Is there a baby in here?" The present is a tiny onesie for a baby, and as it dawns on Sharon and her co-worker that there's a "baby in the car," everyone starts getting very excited and emotional, which is about the point at which you might want to reach for the tissues. Here's how the whole thing went down.

1. Sharon's Daughter Enters Her Workplace

And now we all know where Sharon works ...

2. Sharon Gets A Mystery Gift

3. Sharon Gets Excited

4. Everyone Gets Emotional

5. Sharon Meets Ellie For The First Time

Watch the entire thing unfold below:

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