Will Carter Move To California On 'Finding Carter'? This Preview Has CarCrash Considering The Next Step — VIDEO

Is anyone else still shuddering at the thought of what happened the last time CarCrash decided to take a road trip? Sure, they've come a long way since Season 1 — especially since Crash joined the army during Season 2A — but I can't imagine this going so well. In this exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, "Anywhere but Here," Crash asks Carter to move to California on Finding Carter . Because, apparently, Carter's already lost her job at the bar and intends to drop out of high school, so she's got nothing to lose. But will Carter actually go?

Considering this series is all about Carter, finding her, and her finding herself, it'd be kind of hard to let her run off to California with Crash. Unless, of course, we're going to forget all about all of the other characters and, instead, focus the series on Carter and Crash — but I doubt that. I mean, we JUST met Ben and Lori JUST moved into the Wilsons' school district. So, even though I can't help but want to run away with Crash after watching this clip (even though I'm really not even sure if I like him most of the time), it definitely seems impossible that Carter would choose to leave her family, the possibility of getting to know Ben, and her new-ish life.

But, then again, when all the odds seemed stacked against Carter back in Season 1, she did choose to try to run with Crash. We all know how that ended — #JusticeForMax — but, I really think Carter's come a long way since then. Running away from school because she hates it and the fact that she's, allegedly, been fired, just doesn't seem like something Carter would do anymore. Even if she does continue to surprise me.

Image: screengrab/MTV