'Finding Carter' Fans Predict The Biggest Bombshells To Drop This Season, Because Something's Up With Ben

There are certain TV shows that consistently pull the rug out from under you. With its never-ending twists and turns and its completely bonkers family drama, Finding Carter is unquestionably one of those shows. In order to emotionally prepare ourselves for brand-new episodes, we’re combing through our favorite Finding Carter fan theories. After all, it’s the least we can do to brace ourselves for the complete lack of chill that the new episodes will bring.

The show has been full of bombshell moments: Carter was kidnapped by Lori ... again! Carter and Max hooked up! Elizabeth’s partner/lover Kyle was murdered by Crash’s nefarious uncle! Lori came forward to reveal herself as Elizabeth and David’s egg donor! And, um, Lori and David had an affair which resulted in love child Ben Wallace, who very well may be the brother of Carter and Taylor, and the half-brother of Grant. No one could have predicted plot twists as crazy as these — except, perhaps, the most diehard fans.

On that note, we’ve teamed up with MTV's Finding Carter to collect fan theories on what might be in store for us this time around. Don't miss a new episode this Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV.

Warning: If you haven't caught up, there are major spoilers ahead.

Fan Theory #1: Ben Isn't Who He Says He Is

"Carter gets closer with her supposed 'brother,' Ben, who will lead her down the garden path with Lori. I suspect he's either a random guy for hire, or another patient Lori met at the mental health facility. She'll drop out of school and consider leaving the Wilsons to move back in with her kidnapper."

— Allie Litwak

Fan Theory #2: If Ben Isn't Carter's Brother, He Might Be Her Love Interest


"It's going to turn out that Ben isn't actually Lori and David's son at all — and, really, who could put it past Lori to pull something like this off? And, naturally, a Carter/Crash/Ben love triangle will ensue. Because if they're not related, we can't deny the chemistry there."

Christine DiStasio

Fan Theory #3: There Will Be A Big Reveal About The David & Lori Affair

"David is way more involved with Lori than the audience knows. I think he knew what he was getting into upon accepting her as an egg donor, and maybe even planned to leave Elizabeth for her, but pulled out of it."

Tina Louzon

Fan Theory #4: We Haven't Seen The Last Of The Sperm Bank / Egg Donation Drama


"Lori totally stole David's sperm from the bank in order to create even more kids with their shared DNA. Except, when she couldn't take care of her other son — who was born with David's DNA — she had to give him up for adoption. This made her go super-crazy and desperately seek out Carter when she felt she was able to take care of a kid."

Kaitlin E. Reilly

Fan Theory #5: Carter Is Going To Come Between Max And Taylor


"Max and Carter still hold a candle for one another. This half of the season, what we thought was a one-time hookup will turn into a longer-term romance. Taylor will find out, feel totally betrayed by Carter, and plan some sort of revenge."

Jackie Bernstein

Fan Theory #6: David And Elizabeth Will Definitely Break Up


"I think that David and Elizabeth are going to get divorced because of his affair with Lori. By the end of the season, Lori is going to be set free from the mental institution, she and David are going to get back together, and she'll battle it out in court to get custody of the girls."

— Mary Hines

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