Patty Spivot May Pursue 'The Flash'

There's a new character coming to the Central City Police Department whose comic book history could shake things up without her even revealing a meta-human ability. Who is Patty Spivot on The Flash? Only the coolest lady cop ever, in my humble opinion. Todd Helbing, a writer and producer for The Flash, told TVLine in an interview why Patty Spivot is going to be your new favorite character on the show.

“We wanted to make her this very strong, hardcore female cop who has a purpose. Originally, we talked about how she’s kind of like Felicity [Smoak], but the second we started writing her, we felt like we had to make her quite a bit different. We wanted to have her feel part of the show and part of the universe that we’ve set up. Just somebody that was in this for the right reasons, hellbent on stopping…meta-humans and somebody that could feel like she was part of the meta-human task force and hold her own.”

I already love Iris and Caitlin as female leads on the CW series, so this will just make it better and better. What else can we glean about Patty Spivot from DC Comics? Not only is there 'shipping potential here, but she could easily become a hero in her own right. Here's what we know.

She's A Forensic Scientist

In the comics, Patty Spivot is a blood expert who also worked as Barry Allen's assistant — and later became the head of Blood Analysis. On the show, all we know is that she is "determined" and wants to join Joe West's meta-human task force. I bet she'll still be a scientist. That would make her the CCPD's own Caitlin Snow, in a way.

She's Got A Cool Ride

At one point in the comics, Patty takes on the comic book identity Hot Pursuit (which belongs to multiple characters in the DC canon, first as an alternate Barry Allen himself) and owns a cosmic motorcycle built by Wally West that can travel through the speedforce. Given that, on the CW series, the singularity at the end of Season 1 created a portal that speedsters and metahumans are traveling through, such a bike could come in handy.

She's A Potential Love Interest

Also in the comics, Patty and Barry have an on and off romantic relationship. This is becoming a show about Barry Allen and his many girlfriends, isn't it? Not that I blame them. So, Patty Spivot could become a major love interest for Barry Allen in Season 2. Grant Gustin has already promised People that the Patty and Barry relationship is a whole lot of fun, so get ready. This might make me sound like a Grandma, but poor Joe West, to be honest. Not only is he the number one Iris and Barry 'shipper, but will his coworkers ever stop dating his children?

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW