5SOS Tackles A Nickelback Classic

5 Seconds of Summer: Princes of pop-punk. Masters of dancing while remaining seated. Proud winners of the 2015 NME Award for Worst Band. Terrific Nickelback karaoke-ers. Monday, the "She Looks So Perfect" rockers stopped by UK radio station Capital FM to promote Sounds Good Feels Good, their to-be-released second album. And that is when it happened. That is when 5SOS sang Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" into the microphones. And boy oh boy, did 5SOS ever deliver.

OK, let me back up a few steps. The Aussie band did not waltz into the radio station and say, "Hey, we're here to croon along with the dulcet tones of Chad Kroeger's voice." (Though I must say that would be a pretty awesome move.) At some point during the interview, DJ Max asked the band if they'd be down for some impromptu karaoke. 5SOS are a bunch of fun-loving angels, so of course they were. First, they sang along with Selena Gomez's "Good For You." And then, Chris Brown's "Loyal." The quartet did a solid job with both tracks. High fives all around.

For the third and final song, the heroic disc jockey went for the gold: DJ Max played Nickelback's 2001 hit "How You Remind Me." The fun-loving angels we call 5SOS rose to the occasion. As Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin scream-sang along with the Internet's favorite band, I thought, This should be on any and all potential extended versions of Sounds Good Feels Good. This should be a 5SOS setlist staple. This should be the band's go-to karaoke night song. It is just so beautiful.

You can watch all of the 5SOS karaoke magic over on Capital FM's site.

How do the gents of Nickelback feel about this performance?

You said it, dudes.