5SOS Gets Down While Sitting Down

5 Seconds of Summer is a band comprised of four young men, but a boy band they are not. 5SOS is a band band. A band band that plays instruments. A band band that doesn't danc— HOLD UP. Though they do not identify as a boy band, that doesn't mean they can't cut a rug (or a chair). In an interview with MTV, 5SOS members Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin showed off their best sit-dance moves for the camera (overachievers Michael and Luke executed not one, but two moves). I really, really hope they incorporate sit-dancing into their VMA set.

I ranked each of the sit-dance moves (because of course I did). I wouldn't call myself a dance "expert," but as someone who regularly boogies in her chair while listening to tunes at her desk, I feel qualified enough to judge this sort of thing. Onward!

First Place: Calum's wiggle/shimmy/arm raise/look to the sky combo move

This is incredibly inspired. He’s dancing on his own, he’s dancing like nobody’s watching, he’s dancing for tomorrow, he's dancing for yesterday, he's dancing for now. How good is this move? You forget he's sitting down. He does not let the chair limit him.

Second Place: Luke's bouncing up and down in his seat move

If I ever saw someone doing that move in public, I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away from that person.

Third Place: Michael's swinging his legs over the arm of the chair and bobbing his head move

The confidence. THE CONFIDENCE.

Fourth Place: Michael's sinking down into his chair and nods his head

So understated, so effective.

Fifth Place: Ashton's slouching in his chair and not moving move

Ashton, you’re a cutie patootie, but that doesn’t count as a dance move.

DQ'd: Luke's standing up and holding the arm of the chair and not moving move

He’s neither sitting down nor moving. Sorry sweet Luke, but this move is DISQUALIFIED.