How To Be Sally Draper For Halloween

Fact: Mad Men is the greatest television show of all time (don't dispute it), and Sally Draper may just be my favorite character. Ever. So I have literally #noshame over the fact that I absolutely have to have a Sally Draper Halloween costume this year. I also kind of want a Kiernan Shipka Halloween costume, but that one is another story.

Sally's fashion probably grew the most out of all the characters on the show, which can be expected, since she literally grew up on it. We met her as a toddler in flouncy dresses with lots of pink, watched her transition through a sparkly/sort of awkward, but totally adorable pre-teen phase (remember those Go-Go boots?), and eventually saw her grown-up, sophisticated yet fun '70s style, which included lots of plaid, tartan, peter pan collars, and wild prints. Also, there were definitely some rising hemlines along that journey to adolescence.

So if you want to flashback to another decade, mourn the loss of the show one more time, and channel Sally Draper for Halloween, these pieces are definitely going to get you on the right track. Bonus: you can totally wear them IRL. Not that I'm going to or anything...

1. A Thick Headband

With her hair down or back, and a printed or plain band — Sally loved her headbands.

No worries about styling your front pieces when you can keep them back with a headband (Selma Headband; $14;

2. A Tartan Dress

What does it say about me that I actually would buy and wear this not as a costume? Also, there's the headband again.

Pair it with the headband and you are good to go. (Peter Pan Collar Plaid Long Sleeves Shift Mini Dress; $17.99;

3. A Pink Nightie

Super risque for Sally. But I kind of love it.

Maybe a tad bit more revealing than Sally's, but it's Halloween so whatevs. (Pleated Babydoll; $49.50;

4. Go-Go Boots

It's too cute not to replicate.

Even Sally was dressing up in costume with these. (White Go-Go Boots; $24.99;

5. A Peter Pan Collared Dress

Bonus points if you poof your hair.

If it's sold at Topshop, you can wear it IRL. (Peter Pan Collar Shift Dress; $140;

6. A Red One-Piece

This was Sally's first (and last) Betty Draper moment.

You must rock the Betty hair with it, too. (Jersey Halter Leotard; $25;

7. Purple Skirt

Sophisticated and so chic. I wish I was this put together as a teen.

Choose a pencil skirt for a more sophisticated silhouette. (Lace Skirt; $29.99;

Images: AMC; H&M; Topshop; American Apparel; Halloween Costumes; Nasty Gal; Victoria's Secret; Jolly Chic