17 Best Sally Draper Outfits Through The Years, From The Sweet To The Sassy

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Over the eight years that Mad Men has been on the air, Sally Draper has transformed from a girl to a young woman. All in all, looking at some of the best Sally Draper outfits gives her character a sense of fullness. Not to mention, you'd probably kill to have a bunch of them in adult form (much like you'd love to jack some of her IRL portrayer Kiernan Shipka's clothing). Her childhood and adolescence were emblematized by a series of darling little dresses — from pink party frocks, to floral shifts, to pastel nighties — which eventually gave way to the slightly risqué mini skirts of a teen testing the boundaries and figuring out who she is.

Without further ado, here are 17 of Sally Draper's best outfits. Now, go watch TV, kids.

Image: AMC

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