How To Be Betty Draper For Halloween

In addition to being one of the greatest shows for content, Mad Men is indisputably one of the greatest shows for fashion. There were so many standout style moments — from Megan's psychedelic prints, to Sally's peter pan collars, to Joan's curve-enhancing dresses — but Betty might have had some of the best. So naturally, you (read: I) need a Betty Draper Halloween costume. Get ready to step back into the '60s.

She may have played a frustrated housewife on the show, but Betty's style was anything but basic. She epitomized everything that was amazing about the fashion of the decade, while also making it interesting and kind of fantastic (shoutout to all those bright colors she wore). Granted, I may have a fascination with that era to begin with, but she looked so great in some of her retro shirt dresses that she convinced me to go out and buy a couple myself (more modern versions though, of course).

If you want to channel Betty Draper for Halloween, this is your fail-safe costume kit. But just make sure you nail her flawless hair and makeup, too. Bonus: Mad Men makes for GREAT squad costumes. Just saying...

So freaking chic.

Here's your complete Betty Draper Halloween costume kit.

1. A Floral Shift

This piece can double as next summer's resort wear. (Floral Shift Dress; $21; d ).

2. White Gloves

Betty is so fancy pants. (Satin Gloves; $20;

3. A Structured Handbag

It's worth investing in this timeless piece, because it works in any decade. (Cedar Street Maise; $298;

4. White Sunglasses

These retro frames scream "Betty." (Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses; $45;

5. Pearl Earrings

Betty loved this classic stud. (Pearl Earrings; $50;

Now, say it with me...

"Only boring people are bored." -Betty Draper

You're all set. Happy Halloween

Images: AMC; Dorothy Perkins; Nordstrom; J.Crew; Kate Spade