What Joe Biden Had To Say About The Debate

He may not have been on stage for the Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night in Las Vegas, but Vice President Joe Biden was definitely watching, judging by his response to the debate. Ahead of the event, which was the first time the five Democratic candidates have met on stage, there was plenty of speculation as to whether the vice president would make a surprise appearance.

CNN, the channel that hosted the debate, changed its rules for Biden, issuing him an invitation and allowing him to accept the same day. There was even a sixth podium ready in case of his announcement. But the moment that many were waiting for didn't come. Instead of appearing at the debate, Biden instead chose to host his high school reunion, and then watch the debate on TV.

Many were eager to see if Biden would live-tweet the event, in case his reaction was the clue we're all searching for as to whether or not he will finally decide. If he was unsatisfied by the candidates' performances, it could be enough to push him into the ring. Time is running out for the decision — if he wants to be included in the next debate and be listed on the primary ballots in all 50 states, he has until the beginning of November to decide.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

But in true Biden fashion, he was frustratingly vague when reporters caught up with him Wednesday. "I was proud," Biden said. "I thought every one of those folks last night — my own prejudice — I thought they all did well." According to Yahoo News, he then ignored a question about whether or not he would announce his own candidacy.

The decision might boil down to how well he truly thought the candidates did. Hillary Clinton, who was widely recognized as the winner of the debate, was in her element Tuesday night. If Biden were to announce, Clinton would be his main competition for the nomination going forward. Both she and Bernie Sanders had strong showings, while Martin O'Malley successfully introduced himself to the American people. With strong candidates, Biden may feel that there isn't a need or room for him in the field.

The only thing that is clear from Biden's response is that he's definitely still considering a run. Despite his slow start, the vice president hasn't officially said he isn't running, which means the door is still open. For now.