How To Be Actual '50 Shades Of Grey' For Halloween

One of the biggest movies of early 2015 was the much-anticipated 50 Shades of Grey. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan brought the famous characters to life, and it's no surprise that Fifty Shades of Grey Halloween costumes are expected to be popular this year. Of course, you can always dress as Anastasia Steele or Christian Grey for your costume. However, a unique spin on the movie is dressing as actual 50 shades of gray for Halloween.

There are two easy ways to channel this literal interpretation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The first is to go full-on Joey Tribbiani and layer on every piece of gray clothing you have. While this strategy is ideal, should you be dressing for very, very cold weather, it could be a touch cumbersome. (Also, that's a lot of gray clothing!)

The second option provides a little more flexibility and a requires a lot more creativity. Luckily, there's one cheap way to acquire lots of shades of gray — paint swatches. Bonus: Your shades of gray will have cool names like Silver Tradition and Manhattan Mist. All you need is a total of 50 different hues, and a gray base to pin it all on. Here's your step-by-step tutorial to being 50 actual shades of gray.

1. Get Paint Swatches

You're going to need lots and lots of 'em. Well, 50 to be exact.

2. Get A Base Layer

You can choose to channel Christian Grey with an actual tie, but I prefer to go the comfier route, like with this Marled Knit Tee from Forever 21.

To achieve peak comfiness, I also recommend these gray Cinched-Ankle Leggings from Forever 21.

3. Get Crafty

Adhere the paint swatches to the shirt. The easiest way is with safety pins, but glue and sewing works as well.

Ta-da! Now go forth and have a great Halloween, ignoring the friends who tell you that you're maybe taking things a bit too literally.

Images: Focus Features; Giphy (2); Forever 21