A Crew Member Gets The Boot On 'Below Deck'

The question was never if Captain Lee would fire Dane on Below Deck . It was always when this deckhand brought in to replace Don after Captain Lee fired him on Below Deck earlier this season would meet the same fate as his predecessor. Well, Tuesday night's episode proved to be the night we would finally get to bid Dane adieu, and I couldn't be happier to see him off the show.

Everyone was excited to see Dane when he first arrived on the Eros, but let's be real. Anyone would have been an improvement over Don. Unfortunately, the crew would soon realize that though Dane had some boating experience, he was an inexperience yachtie who didn't quite know how to adequately perform his deckhand duties or interact appropriately with the charter guests.

However, it was Dane's drinking that got him in the end. In last Tuesday night's episode, we saw a rather disturbing sequence of Dane drinking by himself and getting aggressive and creepy with his crewmembers, so much so that he seemed to make everyone uncomfortable to even be around him.

But this Tuesday night's episode was the last straw. Dane took his drinking too far when the crew got a day off at a beach resort. He was extremely rude as he yelled and insulted his fellow crewmembers and took bottles of alcohol out of their hands. It seemed similar to the behavior he exhibited at the end of last Tuesday night's episode, but even meaner, which was just bad news.

No one was a fan of Dane's behavior, especially Eddie who finally put the deckhand in his place, as a good bosun should. Eddie confronted Dane about his drinking, telling him to stop, but Dane resisted, and the two hurled insults at one another. Since they weren't on the Eros, Dane didn't feel like Eddie had the authority to be his boss and tell him what to do. The two ended up struggling over a bottle of alcohol, and there was a bit of shoving. Ultimately, Eddie decided to call Captain Lee to get Dane thrown off the island and sent back to the Eros to cut his day off short.

In addition to what must've been a terrible hangover for Dane, he also got a rude awakening the next morning when Captain Lee handed him a plane ticket home. So that was officially the end of Dane's time on the Eros and on Below Deck. Well, at least until the cast reunion at the end of the season probably.

As expected, Dane didn't seem apologetic about his behavior or that he even cared that he got thrown overboard. I think Dane expected to be fired from the Eros just as much as I did.

Well Dane, I can't say I'm going to miss you on Below Deck, just like your crewmembers seem to be happy that you're gone. However, you did give me some entertaining TV while you were on the boat, and for that, I thank you.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo