'The Flash' Introduces An Important New Character

So far on The Flash, there have been scenes between Barry and his dad, Henry, that have made viewers cry. There have also been scenes between Barry and his father-figure, Joe, that have made us cry. And don't forget scenes between Joe and his daughter, Iris, that make us a little weepy. So now, for something completely different, do you think we'll start getting some scenes between Iris and her mom that will make us sniffle? Because Iris' mom appeared on The Flash for the first time ever this week, though Iris might not actually be happy to see her.

For the past season, I actually thought Iris' mother had passed away. I can't be the only one who assumed we'd only see her in flashbacks when it was announced that Vanessa Williams would play her in Season 2. Well, surprise! She shows up at the Central City Police Department, looking for "Joseph." Joe's nothing but shocked to see her, and has to ask what she's doing there. That's a good question. What is she doing there, and where has she been this whole time?

Iris has never once mentioned her mother, and Joe doesn't talk about her either. That's why I always assumed she had passed away. In reality, she was simply MIA. She tells Joe that she's in Central City to see her daughter, and says it a kind of hurt and strained way. It's like she knows that she won't be met with a positive reception.

I'm actually starting to wonder if Joe was the one who sent her packing in the first place, and has kept Iris away from her mother deliberately all this time. I could be wrong, but The Flash loves its family dynamics. The series wouldn't keep a family member away without having a solid explanation ready. Iris' mother has been gone for a big reason, and now she must be back for another one.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW