Carter & Crash Broke Up On 'Finding Carter', But This Cant Really Be The End For Them

Is CarCrash ever going to catch a break this season? Every time things seem to be going well for them, something pulls them apart. During Tuesday's new episode, Crash told Carter that he was being sent to California with the army, just when all of their cuddle sessions were starting to grow on me. And, considering the timing — with Carter essentially planning to drop out of school and getting fired from her job — it was pretty much the perfect opportunity for Crash to ask her to move to California with him, right? Wrong. Because, after romanticizing about the idea of them starting their life together, Crash and Carter broke up on Finding Carter and, even though I've hated on them in the past, my heart is kind of broken about it.

I'd actually be surprised if you could find a hater that isn't already rooting for Carter and Crash's paths to cross again in the future. Carter obviously decided (after making a very handy list of pros and cons) that staying with the Wilsons and living her life, rather than running away from it again, was the best choice for her. And, in an incredibly mature move on Crash's part, he decided to let her go and that's probably when every Finding Carter fan started bawling their eyes out. Usually I reserve most of my emotions for Maxlor, but it seems like CarCrash is really the 'ship we're going to be rooting for in Season 2B.

Not only did Crash basically tell Carter that she was the best thing that ever happened to him (sobs), he also gave her exactly the right talk she needed at a time like this. Carter spent a lot of Season 1 changing Crash's life for the better, now it's her turn to change her own life or, rather, focus on exactly what she wants — whether it be finishing school or dropping out to work at Magic Hour for the time being. So, yes, this break up hurts. I feel like Finding Carter rips my heart out of my chest every week between this 'ship and Maxlor's ever-evolving saga, but I feel like there's still hope for CarCrash. They're in love, people. And we've all already learned that, try as this series might, it really can't keep them apart for too long.

Image: screengrab/MTV