Lori's Up To Something On 'Finding Carter'

Did Carter really think that letting Lori back into her life — even if she was just using her for her signature — was going to come back to bite her in the end? And it didn't take long on Tuesday's new episode of Finding Carterfor Lori to come looking for Carter to collect on the favor she did for her. I've been questioning Lori from the first minutes of the Season 2B premiere, when she moved into town with Ben and basically planted herself as a permanent fixture in the Wilsons' lives. But, at the end of Tuesday's episode, it seemed like the series introduced exactly what could go wrong from everyone embracing Lori's presence these days — so, what did Lori need to tell Carter on Finding Carter ?

At this point, I feel like I couldn't predict Lori's next move if I were inside her head. Sure, we probably should've seen it coming that she'd move as close to the Wilsons as possible, mostly because Lori knew that David, Elizabeth, and Carter all wouldn't be able to stay away. But, between surrendering her book deal and turning up at Carter's job and telling her that they "need to talk," it seems like Lori's game could be going anywhere. What could she and Carter possibly need to talk about? Hasn't everything been done, said, and accepted by now? Especially if Carter is comfortable enough to come to Lori and give her the benefit of the doubt enough to let her be involved in a potentially major life decision.

It's entirely possible that Lori's gotten wind of David's plans to release his own book, and she's hoping she can convince Carter to stop him from publishing it to protect her reputation or her freedom. I mean, I'm sure it wouldn't help her in society to have David's book, detailing how she kidnapped Carter, out for the world to read. But, it could also be something less self-serving than that — it does seem like Lori's changed a bit since she kidnapped Carter for the second time at the end of Season 1. It's obvious that Lori and Ben don't have any type of relationship at all, but now that Carter's forced Ben into getting to know her, it's also possible that Lori might be asking for help in terms of connecting with her son. Ben has no interest in a relationship with Lori or anyone, it seems, but I wouldn't put it past Lori to come to Carter with this.

Regardless of her intentions, however, it's clear that there's never going to be a clean separation between Lori and the Wilsons. Prison couldn't keep her away and it's definitely not a good sign that she's showing up at Carter's job, unannounced, looking for a chat. I'm not entirely convinced that she has good intentions and I'm definitely not convinced that Lori wouldn't try to play on Carter's struggles right now to weasel her way back into her life. There's something more to Lori's endgame than we've seen just yet. Because we all know that woman doesn't do anything for no reason.

Image: screengrab/MTV