Lori Is Free On 'Finding Carter', But There's No Way She's Done Stirring Up Trouble

Well, if we thought that the reveal of Ben in the Season 2A finale was the most dramatic thing fans would see on Finding Carter this season, clearly everyone was very wrong. On Tuesday night's Finding Carter Season 2B premiere, Lori was released from the facility she spent most of the earlier part of Season 2 locked up in. Because kidnapping the same child TWICE and getting caught TWICE definitely means that you should be able to walk freely into society. Right? But, for most fans who've spent the past season and a half convinced that Lori is a villain, Tuesday night's premiere was kind of a strange wake-up call. I actually did catch myself wondering whether or not Lori is actually up to something. I mean, we definitely can't trust her just yet, but is it possible she's actually trying to get it together?

I mean, here's the thing — for someone who wants to "move on with her life" and build a relationship with her estranged son, it seems a little too much like the old Lori for her to move to the same town as the Wilsons. She's not fooling anyone with this innocent act and by pretending that she's only there for the good school district and to start over on the straight-and-narrow. At this point, the Wilsons and Finding Carter's fans know what Lori is capable of and the fact that she wholeheartedly believes that Carter and Taylor belong to her in a way. Lori was smart enough to not let herself get sent to prison, she's definitely smart enough to put on a show that'll lull the Wilsons into a false sense of security.

When the Season 2B premiere revealed that Lori intended to write a book about kidnapping Carter and all of her experiences thereafter, I was convinced that that was going to be Lori's next scheme to throw the series into turmoil. But she bended remarkably quickly to Elizabeth's threats that she'd make Lori's life "a living, breathing hell" if she went through with it. Could it really be possible that Lori's changed? Or am I as easily manipulated as David? Everything seemed to work out far too well in Lori's favor with her trial for me to believe that she's not up to something — I mean, she did try to kidnap the same kid twice. David might be content with believing that Lori just wants to build a relationship with Ben, but I'm going to side with Elizabeth and Carter on this one — there's nowhere that Lori goes that trouble and drama don't follow. So, what does she have up her sleeve this time?

Image: MTV