The 'Couples Therapy' Season 6 Cast Show That Dr. Jenn Has Her Work Cut Out For Her

Dr. Jenn Mann and her team of professionals are back in their chairs and ready to help some couples salvage their struggling relationships. The Season 6 cast of Couples Therapy features a variety of entertainers — and many of them are no strangers to the world of reality TV. Although they're seeking therapy for a range of issues, it seems like the common denominator for all these couples is the need to reestablish trust before they move forward with their relationships — or make the painful decision to end them altogether.

Some of the relationship issues this season, especially infidelity, are undeniably tough hurdles to overcome. But if anyone can help, it's Mann. This is her sixth season hosting Couples Therapy, but the show is far from her only accomplishment. She's a well-respected psychotherapist who has offered her expertise on a range of TV programs including The Today Show, The Early Show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Mann has also written two bestselling books about raising happy, healthy children and she's the creator of No More Diets, an app that promotes healthy eating habits.

Here are the five couples Dr. Mann and company will be counseling this season:

1. Janice Dickinson & Dr. Robert "Rocky" Gerner

Janice Dickinson, who is frequently referred to as the first "supermodel," is no stranger to reality TV. After a successful modeling career, she served as a judge on America's Next Top Model and later documented her own modeling agency on a reality show called The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. She's also appeared on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

Dickinson has been engaged to psychiatrist Dr. Robert "Rocky" Gerner since December 2012 — and many have wondered why they haven't yet walked down the aisle. It seems that a dispute over a prenuptial agreement is the reason they haven't yet said "I do," and it's what they'll be addressing during Couples Therapy. Dickinson feels that prenups are unromantic, while Gerner thinks the agreements are in their children's best interest and are therefore a necessity.

2. Angela Raiola & Neil Murphy

Angela Raiola, aka "Big Ang, appeared on the second season of Mob Wives and she got her own short-lived spinoff entitled Big Ang. Raiola was also the owner of the famous Staten Island bar and grill The Drunken Monkey, which was shut down by the state of New York earlier this year. She met Murphy, a sanitation worker, at The Drunken Monkey and the pair appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap over the summer.

The couple is dealing with a myriad of financial and trust issues, as well as Raiola's recent throat cancer diagnosis. They're on the verge of divorce, but are hopeful that Dr. Jenn can help save their marriage.

3. Joe Budden & Kaylin Garcia

Chris McKay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Joe Budden is a Grammy-nominated rap artist who performs as a soloist and with the hip hop group Slaughterhouse. Coincidentally, his relationship problems with Kaylin Garcia, a dancer and fitness instructor, began while he was filming another VH1 show, Love & Hip Hop. His co-star, Tahiry Jose, also happened to be his ex-girlfriend and Budden decided he was still in love with her — and even proposed to Jose on live TV. Budden and Garcia reunited after Jose rejected the proposal, but there are lingering trust issues and Garcia understandably can't get past what happened.

4. Carmen Carrera & Adrian Torres

Carrera is an actress, model, and reality TV star best known for appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race. She and Torres have been married for eight years, but both of them were unfaithful and their relationship has declined to the point where they no longer live together. But, they say they're still in love and are hopeful they can work through their issues and rekindle their marriage.

5. Scott & Jaclyn Stapp

Scott Stapp had a successful career as the lead singer of Creed, and wife Jaclyn filed for divorce after he relapsed into drug and alcohol abuse last year. However, they've found a great treatment team to help Stapp with his bipolar and addiction issues and are hopeful that they can begin a new happy, healthy chapter of their relationship.

Dr. Jenn has her work cut out for her this season, but let's hope she can salvage at least some of these relationships — and provide healthy closure for the ones that aren't meant to be.

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