Ariana Grande's "Focus" Single Art Is Very Blonde

by Kadeen Griffiths

The countdown to the release of Ariana Grande's upcoming single "Focus" has officially begun and, with less than a month separating us from jamming out to another Ari hit, there is plenty of time for the pop star to tease her fans about her new music. Such a tease came on Tuesday in the form of Grande releasing the "Focus" single art, and, when I say that it was a tease, what I mean is that it is going to take some real stretches in order to glean any information about the song from this simple cover. It's very minimalistic, with nothing in particular that distinguishes whether "Focus" will be a completely fast song, feature some slower verses, or maybe have a music video of Grande shooting rockets from her boobs. The one thing we do know? She'll be blonde for it.

Yeah, that's right. On the "Focus" single art, Grande displays a platinum blonde look that makes for a gorgeous contrast against the black and white cover. Her name and the name of the single are cast in blurry shadow against her body as she stares off to the side with her arms wrapped around herself. What does being blonde have to do with focusing, I wonder? Is the guy she's singing about refusing to focus on her because she is blonde? Are blondes having more or less fun? What does this new hair color mean, Grande? I need to know!

It's not that the blonde look isn't totally working for Grande. She's pretty much proving in a single photograph that she just looks good in anything, and all the time. However, I'm really curious to know if she's gone blonde solely for this single, or if she's debuting an entirely new look that she'll be maintaining for the next phase of her career. We've all gotten to know redheaded Grande (from Victorious), we've spent some time with brown-haired Grande, is now the age of blonde Grande?

Either way, there are only 16 days left until "Focus" comes out and, if her new look is any indication, the music video will be amazing and probably tell a whole story. So I can't wait to see it.