Try Searching "Make Out Point" On Google Maps

We've all been there: You're with your significant other... things are romantically escalating... but someone like your parents or your roommates happen to be nearby, preventing you from "going all the way" without seriously risking someone walking in and the mood being shattered. What to do? To solve the problem, writer Dana Schwartz searched for "make out point" on Google Maps, expecting to be led somewhere romantic and beautiful — but instead, as she tweeted out to her followers on Oct. 8, she was led directed to the local Chuck E. Cheese's. I suppose it could have been worse — at least Chuck E. Cheese's serves alcohol now, right?

Schwartz, appalled by this somewhat inappropriate hookup location, asked her followers to open up their Google Maps and see what other results might pop up for "make out point." Alas, I had no luck; when I took out my phone and tried to find my local make-out spot, I discovered that in this Puritan city of Boston, there were no results. Apparently us frisky young people of Boston just aren't supposed to be getting it on. Or... something.

Some of Schwartz's followers, however, did find some fantastic stuff when they gave it a whirl. The results range from reasonable to absurd, so let's take a look at the best of the best. Who's up for a little hanky panky?

1. Earthquake Park

For those who really like sex life experimentation.

2. Ross Point Baptist Camp

Where I'm sure many a young pair of lovers has made out for the first time.

3. A Spa Next To Five Guys

It's the ultimate date: A cheeseburger, followed by a relaxing massage.

4. A Red Roof Inn By A Cemetery

What better place to kiss than a place no one can interrupt?

5. Edible Arrangements

Kiss your lover, and then eat from a fantastic basket of chocolatey fruit to really solidify your relationship.

6. Westboro Baptist Church

Maybe we can help them learn to love a little more by making out near their places of worship.

7. White Point Elementary School

Or, you know, maybe somewhere without quite so many children.

8. A Trash Can

The universe really has a way of letting you know what it thinks of your relationship.

9. Staples

Office supply store by day, rebel teen gathering spot by night.

10. Planned Parenthood

So you can make out safely and be provided with the resources and care you need if you ever want to take it a step beyond kissing.

Now everyone, go find your phone, call your partner, and get searching.

Image: Johanl/Flickr