J. Law Pulls Out Of An Upcoming Film

Let's just be real for a minute: Jennifer Lawrence is a busy lady. Not only is she the highest paid actress in Hollywood right now, but she's also one of the most overbooked. It seems as though everywhere you turn, Lawrence is there, being amazing in some of the best movies on the big screen. I don't know how she does it, to be honest — I'm kind of exhausted just looking at her IMDB page — but she does. However, she is still human and some projects just don't fit into her hectic schedule. Such is the case with The Rosie Project, the love story based on the book of the same name by Graeme Simsion and which she signed on for back in July. Unfortunately, Lawrence has now pulled out The Rosie Project for unknown reasons, meaning there's one less opportunity for audiences to witness her amazing range on screen.

This is the second movie Lawrence has dropped out of recently, the first being The Glass Castle, a drama being developed at Universal Pictures. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she's in the very early stages of discussion for possibly starring in an upcoming Darren Aronofsky indie movie, though it's unclear what exactly that movie is all about or if her decision to leave The Rosie Project has anything to do with it. Either way, even Jennifer Lawrence, as superhuman as she may seem, only has so many hours in the day. Plus, who knows — maybe she just needed more time to concentrate on that movie she's writing with Amy Schumer?

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're at all worried that Lawrence's to-do list might be dwindling, don't be! There will still be plenty of opportunities to see her on screen over the coming months and years. For one thing, there's the final Hunger Games movie due in theatres in November. Beyond that, she can also be seen as Raven/Mystique in X Men: Apocalypse, which is due out next year, and she's also signed on for three other films due out next year: Joy, Passengers, and the newly announced It's What I Do. See? I told you she's busy.

It's unclear as yet who will replace Lawrence in The Rosie Project, but finding another actress to take on the role is said to be top priority. And while the plot summary of the movie sounded pretty amazing — a geeky genetic professor looking for his perfect mate who falls for eccentric Rosie — we'll just have to trust Lawrence's judgment and hold out for whatever else she's got up her sleeve (and you know there's something).