Watch People Talk To Their Dead Loved Ones Through A Medium — VIDEO

The month of October is filled with ghouls and goblins and monsters and ghosts, figuratively. But BuzzFeed took the decoration suggestions to another level with this video featuring people talking to their dead relatives — literally. Despite what the title of the video suggests, this isn't a hackneyed basement Ouija board experiment. Monica Ten-Kate is a 21-year-old college student who doubles as a spiritual medium and star of the ABC Family show conveniently titled Monica the Medium. She was invited to meet with three participants for a chance to connect with their loved ones who had passed. The results are interesting, to say the least.

Our generation has seen our fair share of spiritual phonies. We've been let down before by big TV personalities like John Edwards and Theresa Caputo. And now, with the internet, it's hard to trust that anyone claiming to be a medium has not done enough research prior to be convincing. But there is something about a young girl that eases the suspicious mind. That, and BuzzFeed video participants are known to be open and honest. If they left their reading feeling unsure, they would have no problem saying so in their interview.

So should we be convinced because they seem convinced? Are Monica's basic observations just lucky guesses? It is safe for her to assume that the relative who passed was older and a parent or close family member? And does it matter if she's not a real psychic medium if she's brining people closer? Here are some of the highlights.

Okay, that's convincing

Right off the bat, Monica made some connections that seemed impressive to the participants. Her enthusiasm was contagious, too. Even though the experience was somber in theme, moods and spirits were high.

A whole lot of yeses

Whether they were lucky guesses or spiritually assisted guesses, Monica got a lot of encouraging words along the way. She was on to something.

A few tears

Whether or not you believe in spirits and mediums, you'll recognize the genuine emotional reactions occurring throughout the video. Monica's words and demeanor have a touching effect.

Watch the full video below:

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