Worldbeing Device Tracks Your Carbon Footprint — You're Welcome Polar Bears And Coastal Cities

Technology is amazing, and nothing proves that quite like this device that tracks your carbon footprint. Imagine a device that is able to break down your daily routine and explain what your actual impact on the world is. I'm sooooo down for this little thing to be part of my life — and it's not for the reasons that you might think. This device would actually give me an excuse to wear something on my wrists. It's not like I don't care about the environment, it's just I don't wear a lot of accessories. Now, if only someone figured out how to get Kit-Kats to do the same thing, I would be in paradise.

The tech in question is called the Worldbeing. Although I'm not entirely sold on the name, the idea behind it is pretty solid. (My Worldbeing broke this morning. See! Cue your existential crisis.) In the demo video, the bracelet seamlessly integrates with its surroundings to tally up the user's carbon footprint. I know that to some people that might seem like an annoyance, but I think this technology will be eye-opening. It is not designed to guilt you into anything — rather, it points out facts about your lifestyle you might not have been aware of.

To be honest, I couldn't say exactly what I would change as a result of the information gained from the Worldbeing. Let me make that very clear: I will not stop using tampons or driving my car. But I do think it's important to be aware of my impact on the environment so that I can make smarter choices about what I put inside my body and types of cars that I drive. Below are some of the awesome features of the Worldbeing I'm excited about:

1. The Basics

This little bracelet will tell you the percentages of carbon you have produced in comparison to your own previous records. That way you can keep track of how hard you worked to reduce it!

2. Waterproof

This is my personal favorite feature. It seems really simple right? Make your tech waterproof. Well, you'd be surprised with how many companies don't do this — I've ruined a lot of watches. The Worldbeing lets you transition from shower to outside of same shower seamlessly. I am in love.

3. Check Me Out

Every time I see one of those commercials with the people standing waist deep in water with cranberries floating around, I can't help but think is there really no easier way to harvest cranberries? Really? We often forget just how much energy it takes to make the food we eat. This device seems to get that. And it looks like you can monitor just how much energy things take by simply taping your device at the checkout counter.

4. Energy, Got A Lot Of Energy

And finally, another awesome feature is the ability to monitor energy consumption using smart plugs. The future is really here and Marty McFly, you can keep your hover-board.

Check out their awesome video below and the other features the Worldbeing has to offer.

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