Drugs Reportedly Found In Lamar Odom's System

On Tuesday night, NBA player and former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Lamar Odom was found unconscious at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South, a brothel, in Pahrump, Nevada, and hospitalized soon after. On Wednesday, E! News reported that, according to a source claimed to be from inside Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Lamar Odom allegedly "overdosed" on drugs. E! reports that Odom remains in critical condition.

The source claims "drugs were found in [Odom's] system" and that doctors are treating the situation as an "overdose." The same source claimed, "Virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system" and that Odom was "partying since Friday." The source also claimed that the 35-year-old "was doing crack cocaine all weekend and he choked on his mucous. They're now having to fix all the damage it has done."

Odom's rep Eve Sarkisyan told Us Weekly, "Family and friends are extremely concerned for Lamar. Please don't listen to the false information being circulated unofficially. Please respect the family's privacy during this difficult time." Bustle has reached out to Sarkisyan's office for further comment, but has not yet heard back.

The alleged "damage" is pretty bad, as E! News reports Odom had an "ischemic stroke." Per the American Stroke Association, ischemic strokes "occur as a result of an obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain." E! reports that this type of stroke "is often associated with a cocaine overdose, among other drugs."


A source allegedly "close to the [Kardashian] family" claimed to People that they were informed by doctors that Odom had "cocaine and opiates" in his system. The source also claimed Odom "had a couple of strokes" since first being found unconscious and admitted to the hospital. Additionally, TMZ sources claimed that Odom allegedly had opiates and cocaine in his system, in addition to fluid in his lungs caused by his alleged crack cocaine use.

E!'s insider also claimed that Odom has brain damage, but is not brain dead. "So likely there's brain damage, but they're not sure how much," the source claimed. The basketball player reportedly is still unconscious and on a ventilator. The source alleged that this was "an accidental overdose" and doesn't appear to be a suicide.

As you can read below, the Nye County Nevada Sheriff's Office released a statement about the incident: