Jayde Pierce & Justine Bieber: How They Connected

Jayde Pierce may have her own lucrative career as a beauty YouTuber with an impressive following, but the British-born 19-year-old beauty is the most famous maybe-girlfriend of the day. Which is really only par for the course considering Jayde Pierce vacationed in Bora Bora with Justin Bieber. The brunette model isn't shy about showing her love for Biebs on her social media accounts, which is bold considering his crazed fans are going to be all over her from now until forever. But what's even more interesting is that she has been posting photos with him for a few months now. So, how long has this really been going on and, more importantly, how did they meet and fall for each other?

Since May, Pierce and the 21-year-old singer have been spotted hiking together, enjoying shaved ice in Los Angeles, and even Snapchatting with Pierce's cousin, according to Hollywood Life (so, yep, even her family is involved at this point). Neither has confirmed that they are actual boyfriend and girlfriend, but they have to be something, and something is certainly not nothing, so by that logic, they're totally together.

In order to get some idea of how these two met and got serious enough to fly halfway around the world together to relax on a beach (since neither is likely going to divulge all the juicy details of their relationship history just yet), here are some possibilities.

At His Las Vegas Pool Party

Fun fact: Bieber hosted the REHAB pool party in Las Vegas around the same time Pierce attended her idol Amber Rose's pool party in the same sexy city. Both events took place in early May 2015, which makes it the perfect timing for them to meet, hook up, and start hanging out shortly afterwards in Los Angeles.

At His Concert

Biebs performed in Carson, Calif. with Kanye West on May 9, which also works if the assumption is these two lovebirds met this spring. The issue with this theory is that Pierce hasn't posted photos from his concert and she seems to document a great deal of her life. Still, anything is possible. Coincidentally, in a June/July interview with Seventeen, which hit stands just a few days after this concert, Bieber described his ideal girlfriend: "In a girl, I want someone who’s confident in herself and honest. I have to find her very attractive and as someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life.” Pierce certainly seems confident and is obviously attractive to him — ready for that engagement ring, girl?

After The MET Ball

Uh oh. Selena Gomez reportedly thought she and Biebs were rekindling an old flame when he tripped all over himself at the MET Ball on May 4 trying to sweet talk her, according to Radar Online. Sources say he came on strong, told her he wanted to hang out with her when they both returned to Los Angeles, and then blew her off, leaving Gomez to discover he was hanging out with Pierce when she saw photos of them together. Not cool. On the other hand, maybe Bieber and Pierce couldn't help themselves — and it's not like he was dating anyone at the time. Besides, I firmly believe the best thing (and partner) that (and who) could possibly happen to Gomez hasn't happened yet — her career is booming and I can't help but think the positive and negative experiences she shared with Bieber have something to do with it.

Given Bieber's supremely close connection with Gomez, if he was willing to risk possibly reconnecting with his ex in order to get to know Pierce a lot better, I have to assume she is a very special lady in his life — one he may be taking far more seriously than anyone thinks.

Image: jaydepierce/Instagram