Here's How To Get Perfect Microwave Pizza At Last

With the invention of Seamless you might think you don't need anymore food-related technology — that is, until you see this device that makes perfect reheated microwave pizza, called Reheatza. It's as if the food gods themselves smiled down upon the earth and told you to stay in your grease stained sweatshirt for another night. We've all experienced the stomach turning reheated pizza, which is really just a soggy excuse for the delicious triangle topped with cheese you had the night before. But do not fear! There is no need to answer the door in your sweats just to stare into the eyes of a delivery person thats judging you and your choices. Instead, pop your left-over pizza in what appears to be a mini skillet and go to town.

I have to admit something to you dear reader. I love products that have very specific uses. I own a stainless-steel garlic crusher that looks like piece of modern art. I just love kitchen gadgets that have only one singular purpose, for very specific items. Give me a one-step corn kerneler, an avocado pitter or an apple slicer and I will give you my heart. Freud would say that my childhood in the Soviet Union/Russian Federation made me this way —I never had those things growing up, so I'm making up for it as an adult. I say, get off my back Freud, and go smoke your daddy-issue-laden cigars.

Basically, it should come as no surprise that I am giddy over this Reheatza product. A plate designed to reheat your pizza, and THAT'S IT. I'm getting shivers, guys. There are only two steps to the whole thing. Startups, take notes.

1. Arrange/Heat The Pizza

That's the toughest part of this whole thing.

2. Enjoy

At first I was like, why is that guys cutting up that pizza into tiny weird shaped pieces? Then I was like, oh he's just proving that it was cooked through but didn't turn it into a soggy mess. Smart! Anyway, thats the second step. EATING IT!


Marvel at the cleverness of the name, as you stuff reheated pizza in your mouth.

If you want a more comprehensive guide, watch the full video below!

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