The "Sugar" Video Is Getting Its Own TV Show

Whether or not you'd dare to label yourself a Maroon 5, you have to admit that they make some amazingly catchy music. There hasn't been a single of theirs in the past several years that I haven't liked, or at the very least had stuck in my head for several weeks on end. Their latest hit, "Sugar", has gone above and beyond being catchy, however, after releasing a music video that went viral for its feel-good content. In it, Adam Levine and the rest of the band shows up at various couples' weddings to surprise them as the wedding band, and the results are pretty warm and fuzzy, no matter how much of a grinch you generally are (and I'm a big one). NBC was so taken with the idea that they've now ordered a pilot based on Maroon 5's "Sugar" video, and it sounds pretty awesome.

The Untitled Adam Levine Show is basically the "Sugar" video come to life. The hour-long pilot will focus on unsuspecting folks getting a surprise in celebrity form. While Maroon 5's video focused on weddings, the NBC pilot will presumably widen the scope a bit to include different celebrities (it isn't clear at this point whether Levine will be involved) and different scenarios. Should the series get picked up and the creators need some inspiration, here are some idea for celebs and where they should turn up.

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer At A Media Studies Class

Can you think of anything better than sitting down for another Media Studies lecture, only for J. Law and A. Schu (is that a thing? It should be!) to pop out as your lecturers for the day? I've basically just blown your mind, admit it!

Kim Kardashian At A Forever 21 Dressing Room

Kim Kardashian probably wouldn't be caught dead in Forever 21 (I like cheap fashion, whatever!), which is why it would be hilarious if you went to try on clothes in a Forever 21 dressing room and Kim was the one to show you to an empty stall. Amazing idea, right? You're welcome!

Justin Bieber At The X Games

Justin Bieber fancies himself skateboarder of the year despite the fact that he's honestly not very good at it. I suppose hobbies are about enjoyment, however, not skill, so why shouldn't he go to The X Games as a surprise commentator? Notice I said commentator, not participant.

Channing Tatum At A Strip Club

Sure, Channing Tatum was already a stripper in Magic Mike and used to strip in real life, but seeing him in a real life strip club when you're out with your girls just trying to see some hot guys would be an extra special surprise, wouldn't it?

Meryl Streep At An Acting Class

Could a network reality show get a star as big as Meryl Streep? Not likely, but a girl can dream. Imagine you're learning how to perform Shakespeare and then Meryl walks in stage right, being all breathtaking and actor-y? I'd just pass out on the spot.

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson At A UFO Convention

There are actually people who believe they've been abducted by aliens, or at least believe they exist. Who better to prove/disprove their theories than Mulder and Scully? David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson could show up as guest speakers (in character, preferably) and blow everyone's mind. Also, it'd be great promo for the reboot premiering in January. Double whammy!

Kanye West At American Idol Auditions

Oh wait, that already happened. Oh well, carry on.

Watch the video for Maroon 5's "Sugar" below and get excited for this show, because I have a feeling it'll become a full-fledged series in no time:

Images: Maroon5Vevo/YouTube; Giphy (7)