'Scandal's "Lazarus" Could Be A Familiar Face

Say it with me. "The Louvre. The Louvre. The Louvre is on fire." Well, in the Scandal world it is, and that's no good. In the midst of some major gladiator-ing (I just made that a thing, go with it), someone set the Louvre ablaze and Jake and Papa Pope seem less than surprised. So much so, that Jake and Rowan put aside their differences for a little pow-wow in prison about the Louvre burning, which is when they brought up Lazarus. So who is Lazarus One on Scandal and what do they have to do with the Louvre burning?

Well, just like the saying "All roads lead to Rome," I believe that all roads also lead to Olivia's mother, Maya Lewis (aka Mama Pope). In the final scene of Scandal, Jake went to visit Olivia's father in prison after he read that the Louvre was set on fire. While that doesn't mean anything to us mere mortals, it means something to the former command of B613. When Jake tells Rowan that the Louvre is on fire, Rowan responds, "Lazarus One?," because there are so many codes we're not apart of, you guys. As per usual, Rowan delivers one more head-scratcher line, "And Nero fiddled while Rome burned," which I actually think I can decipher.

(Side note: just once, I'd like someone to stop Rowan in his tracks with his metaphors and analogies and say, "Rowan, why you have to be so cryptic all the time?" Anyway, I digress...)

So, Lazarus is definitely Mama Pope, right? She's been MIA for too long for her to not be involved in something big, bad, and newsworthy. Little did she know, her daughter was going to be making the front-page headlines and she'd be pushed to the scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen. Or maybe she did know that.

If Maya is behind the Louvre fire, she might have seen a moment of action when she realized someone else was taking over the news. Slow news day = bad day to set a premier museum on fire. Or, maybe she set the Louvre on fire because she wanted to take the attention off of her baby. Yeah. Probably not.

As for "And Nero fiddled while Rome burned," I think this can be seen as Rowan saying that while the President cheated, a lot of other sh*t was going down.

Now, Maya might have nothing to do with this. But, the story of Lazarus is that he was restored to life after being D-E-A-D. I don't think it's that far-fetched to think that a woman who was kept in a locked up pit and basically brought back to life couldn't be code named "Lazarus." It wouldn't be Scandal's strangest nickname. (I'm still so upset about "Publius.")

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC