7 '90s Looks You Should Probably Start Rocking In Your Wardrobe — PHOTOS

With lots of bright colors, clunky jewelry, and mix-matched patterns, the '90s basically ruled. In fact, they ruled so hard that I've rounded up the best '90s looks you should probably start rocking right this second. With looks from shows and movies like Clarissa Explains It All, Clueless, Friends, and yes, even The Magic School Bus, it's clear that NYFW 2015 ain't got nothing on '90s style!

As a 1992 baby, I kind of missed out on '90s fashion in its prime (I was too busy pooping in diapers and learning how to read and write to look cool). That's why I am SUPER pumped all the fun looks I was too young to rock before are coming back in full-swing. If anyone out there wants to donate their old '90s clothes to me, hit me up!

If you're a little older than I am, fingers crossed for you that you ended up holding onto some of your favorite wardrobe pieces from the coolest decade around. Or maybe you're my age and you have an older sister or even mom that still has some of their '90s staples! Whatever the case, even if you don't have hand-me-downs to choose from, I say all of these looks are worth a little splurging on! At least this time we'll all know to hang onto each piece until they're trendy again.

Here are seven '90s looks you need to bring back to your wardrobe ASAP.

1. Plaid On Plaid

Take a cue from Clueless because plaid on plaid is back, baby!

(Plaid Blazer, $99.99, Tommy Hilfiger)

Wear this cute blazer alone or with, you guessed it, plaid something else .

2. Crop Tops

While the whole Friends crew defined '90s fashion, Rachel edged out everyone else as the most fashionable one. She always knew how cool crop tops were.

(Long Sleeve Crop, $26, ASOS)

Rock this long sleeve one perfect for fall!

3. Baby Doll Dresses

Babydoll dresses? Yeah, you can thank the '90s for those. And Angela Chase.

(Rayon Babydoll Dress, $52, americanapparel)

I'm already having flashbacks with this perfectly '90s AA dress.

4. Chunky Hair Clips

Accessories were loud and bright in the '90s, including hair clips!

(Gold Slide Barrettes, $3.50, Claire's)

The pop of metallic gives these clips just enough of a mod touch.

5. Dangly Bauble Earrings

Clarissa explained it all with serious style!

(Puppy Bauble Earrings, $6.50, Claire's)

These dangly bauble earrings will easily make an otherwise simple outfit instantly playful.

6. Chokers

Oh come on people, you know chokers had to be on this list.

(Tattoo Choker, $4.50, Claire's)

If you didn't hang onto your favorite, you can still buy a new one!

7. Printed Oversized Sweaters

That's right you guys, fashion inspo from The Magic School Bus. Betcha didn't see that coming.

(Color Block Sweater, $39, American Apparel)

Oversized sweaters are basically the entirety of my fall wardrobe, and this one looks super comfy!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands, MTV, Nickelodeon, NBC, ABC, PBS, Paramount