11 'Fifty Shades' Costumes For You Daring Couples

Couples costumes are one of those things that, in theory, are pretty great. In practice, however, couples costumes are often a bit contrived. There's also nothing worse than seeing a couple in costume where it's obvious that the guy in the duo is absolutely miserable. When it comes to couples costumes, you have to have an idea that both parties will like. Fifty Shades of Grey couples costumes probably isn't the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of mutually-pleasing couples costumes. However, a Fifty Shades of Grey couples costume just might be the thing you're looking for.

Just think about it. Guys: your girlfriend will probably be pleased with this idea, and you'll get to see her in something super sexy, possibly crafted from the Paint aisle at Home Depot. Girls: who hasn't fantasized about their very own personal Christian Grey? This is a great couples costume because it can be varied to suit your needs. If you're feeling fun and crafty, you can go the paint chip direction. If you want to be sexy, you can go for a darker, sexier look suitable only for the Red Room of Pain.

You can be literal, you can be ironic, you can be naughty. Fifty Shades of Grey is the way to go re: couples costumes and here are 11 Fifty Shades of Grey Halloween costumes to get the (ben wa) balls rolling on your Halloween crafting.

1. You Can Go Artsy

How aesthetically pleasing is this shirt though?

2. You Can Go Sexy

The Ana of the duo is obviously encouraged to be a little daring.

3. You Can Go Downright Naughty

Latex: the least subtle of all materials.

4. You Can Steal Some Paint Chips From Home Depot

A low-maintenance Christian Grey for sure.

5. And Then Steal Some More Paint Chips

The paint chip look is obviously adaptable to either gender.

6. You May Have To Go To Lowe's For More

Paint chips on paint chips, y'all.

7. You Can Have Some Fun With Makeup

So many shades of grey.

8. 50 Shades of Badass

The whip really pulls the outfit together.

9. Work + Play

Christian pulls off the business look, while Ana's costume shows off the couple's darker hobbies.

10. Christian Grey, Red Room Edition

If you're really looking to spice it up, the Christian to your Ana can really bare it all in nothing but his soft jeans and a tie.

11. For R-Rated Parties Only

This gutsy costume is not for the faint-hearted.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the gift that keeps on giving... especially when you have a great sense of humor about interpreting your costume.

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